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Strength & Conditioning


Located inside the state-of-the-art Naik Athletic Training Center, athletes have access to an indoor turf area, strength training, sandpit training, rehab/recovery zones, specialized training equipment & private locker room facilities. With over 5,000 sq ft of training space, “The Naik” has become one of the finest training facilities in the state of Georgia.

10 sets of Battling Ropes (1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2" - 50 foot Ropes)4 - Custom Designed Power Racks and Olympic Platforms2 full sets of 0-120 lb Dumbbells

4 - 400 lb Tires4 - Custom Designed "Infinity" UnitsKettlebells used for explosive training

4 - Large Plyo boxes for plyometric training2 - Elite Prowler Sleds for dynamic explosion trainingTwo Treatment Tables, EMS Unit, Hydroculator, and Cryotherapy

45 lb and 75 lb Ultimate Sandbags used for total body toughness training80' x 35' Sand Pit used for speed, agility, and competitive plyometrics80' x 35' Indoor Sprint Turf used for speed and agility development

6 - Elite Power Racks and Custom 0-90 Walk Up Benches