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2013-2014 GAC Mission Trips

This year will mark the 17th year for GAC Missions. Our mission students and sponsors are blessed to have had opportunities to participate in so many wonderful ministries throughout the years. We pray that God’s love and the good news of Jesus Christ have been shared through each opportunity. We also acknowledge that it is we, ourselves, who have received the greater blessing. Seeing the hand of God at work around the world and meeting people who have sacrificed everything for the cause of Christ gives us great hope and joy. 

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Below is a listing of the 2013-2014 Mission trips.  

V   General Missions Gift
      Donate to General Missions Fund
V   Junior High Missions
      Donate to Junior High Missions Fund
V   City of Children Mission
      April 5-11, 2014   
      Donate to City of Children Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   China Mission
      May 27-June 5, 2014  
      Donate to China Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Colorado Mission
      April 5-10, 2014  
      Donate to Colorado Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Cozumel Mission
      November 23-29, 2013   
      Donate to Cozumel Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Ecuador Mission
      February 14-21, 2014    
      Donate to Ecuador Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page
V   Greece Mission
      February 13-21, 2014   
      Donate to Greece Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Guatemala Mission
      April 5-11, 2014    
      Donate to Guatemala Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Honduras Mission
      February 15-22, 2014    
      Donate to Honduras Mission Fund    |  Mission Participant's Page
V   Jamaica Mission
      April 5-11, 2014   
      Donate to Jamaica Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Kenya Mission
      April 3-April 12, 2014    
      Donate to Kenya Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   NYC Shiloh Mission
      April 6-11, 2014   
      Donate to NYC Shiloh Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Rwanda Mission
      June 1-13, 2014    
      Donate to Rwanda Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page 
V   Ukraine Mission
      Nov. 22-30, 2013     
      Donate to Ukraine Mission Fund  |  Mission Participant's Page