About Us


Our Mission is to help each student grow as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

There is a clear vision, purpose, and direction here. WISDOM is measurable, from the high marks earned by our students. STATURE shows in the way our students carry and present themselves to others, their leadership, their inner character, and outward strength. How our students treat all MAN matters. GOD is in us and this place.
Ultimately every class, assembly, meeting, and extra curricular activity should lead our students toward understanding and embracing their ultimate design within the larger story of God's activity in the world.

A GAC Student Is...

  • guided by faith
  • courageous in character
  • engaged in service
  • empowered by strengths
  • driven by passions
  • shaped by experiences
  • inspired by vision
  • motivated by mission
  • committed to action