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Diversity & Inclusion News

Black History Month Chapel

Every year our community looks forward to celebrating Black History Month with a special, student led Black History Month Chapel. The theme this year was "Take You To Church" and the event included worship led by the chapel band, dance performed by the GAC dance team, an interview between Director of Inclusion Charles Edwards and his godmother and a powerful message by Pastor, Gospel Artist, and former GAC Parent, Charles Jenkins.⁠

GAC Alumni Hunter McIntosh '19 speaks at Black Solidarity event and call for an end to racism at Elon University

The event provided the opportunity to commemorate lives lost to police brutality while making a vocal and united call for change...Hunter McIntosh ’23 stepped to the microphone, noting that the expansive crowd he saw before him demonstrated that this is a time of unity at Elon. He offered insights to members of the White community, explaining that there is a difference between sympathy and empathy. “Empathy is showing up, showing you care, showing you will be here for us as we struggle,” McIntosh said.

A Letter from Dr. Harsh

Dear GAC Family,

I continue to be brokenhearted by all that has unfolded in recent weeks across our nation. I grieve with others for the families of victims like Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd and those whose names we do not know who have suffered needlessly. I wish that racism, and the violence that rises from it, hadn’t caused their senseless suffering and deaths. I want to continue to move to a place where all members of our Black community feel safe and valued. Yet “wishing” things were different brings no progress. We’ve got real work to do.  In America. In every institution. In the Church. In every school and college. And, yes, absolutely—in GAC.

A Letter from Dr. Harsh

Dear GAC Family,

During the past two months, we have faced the hardship and challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic together. The disruption and loss have been real.  Our GAC community experienced the loss of family members, economic hardship, interruption of daily life, and uncertainty about the future. But we stuck together, transitioned to online learning, stayed connected, and finished the year unified. Now, in the midst of this ongoing health crisis, we’ve been reminded of another crisis, one that has been going on for far too long. Like all of you, I have struggled to process the senseless, heartbreaking killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. And so many other needless tragedies, less well known, but just as agonizing. 

GAC Student Leaders Use Music to Highlight Black History

“Music embodies the words we can’t express. It comforts us during our deepest tragedies and fuels us during our greatest triumphs. More importantly, it unites us. Black History Month is not just for African Americans. The music you will hear today is woven into all of our lives” shared Simone Roberts, GAC’s Student Leader of Unity, who then proceeded to further describe the reason for the day’s special chapel assembly. 

Won’t You Be My Neighbor: Meadowcreek and GAC maintain years-long service partnership

Everyone could use a little inspiration. For the teachers and students at Meadowcreek Elementary School in Norcross, Georgia, sometimes that inspiration comes in the form of GAC Middle and High School students who take the bus across the street to serve in their classrooms. It’s neighbor helping neighbor, as both GAC and Meadowcreek students benefit from the partnership that has spanned many decades.

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