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GAC is a great school.

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GAC Faculty Fellows

We're looking for dynamic, engaged individuals who are interested in exploring a career in education through a one-year fellowship. 

Designed for recent college graduates and/or young professionals, the GAC Faculty Fellows program provides one academic year of guidance and opportunities to develop teaching skills and  leadership experience in some of our co-curricular activities including athletics and the arts.

GAC is a faith-infused, academically rich community comprised of change-makers, dreamers, aspirers, and hard workers. Together, we are raising a generation of bright, inspired, generous leaders. We share in a community where high academic rigor is matched by active faith and a deep commitment to care for one another. 

GAC Faculty Fellows will engage in regular and ongoing professional development led by the GAC Director of Academics and Teacher Growth and regularly interact with the Director of School Life and other leaders.  Through specialized professional development and intentional mentoring, GAC Faculty Fellows will have the opportunity to build professional portfolios as they prepare for a career in education, non-profit leadership, or other fields. 

In addition to teaching duties in their mentor's classroom, fellows will also be actively involved in our co-curricular programs each season. We are seeking applicants with experience in collegiate athletics, arts, and missions, and that bring expertise, energy, and enthusiasm for growing our programs, investing in the lives of our students, and who desire a growing faith in Christ. 

It's Not a Job, It's a Mission




Take the next step and contact Jimmy Chupp, Director of School Life, for more information and to apply.

A Few Colleagues

Emily Krug

A scholar athlete herself at Auburn University and a NCAA Top 8 Finisher (multiple times) in swimming, Emily arrived at GAC in 2015 as Head Varsity Swim & Dive Coach.  Her passion and entrepreneurial spirit has grown GAC’s swim & dive time to a full-scale Aquatics program teaching water safety to the youngest students (preschool age) through to an adult master swim league for parents.

Emily’s energy is contagious to students and faculty.  She believes “being engaged and committed helps inspire [students] to achieve their goals through dedication and perseverance.  The looks on their faces when they learn something new or achieve a personal goal, is priceless.  Developing strong relationships and trust, not only helps my athletes in the pool but out of the pool.”

Leo Burks

While coaching in Texas where he designed and implemented training programs for professional, collegiate, and high school athletes, Leo was already aware of GAC.  He knew professionally of GAC’s passion for excellence.  He also felt the connection of shared faith, priorities and values.  It’s refreshing and inspiring to be around individuals that care and contend for the eternal destination of its people.  His heart for students as evidenced in his commitment to help them push beyond their own limits.  Leo also understands the discipline required to be a student-athlete from his own experiences helping his college team win a conference championship.

“I love being able to meet students/athletes exactly where they are.  Whether that’s physically, mentally, or spiritually and witnessing them improve in those areas.  And through that, growth happens, a relationship is formed.”

Russell Lawless

Russ heard about GAC from a friend that was already working here.  As a campus ministry intern in the Atlanta area, he was excited to about a place where he could share his faith as well as passion for his academic field.  Whether it’s in a high school math class, middle school track or elementary level flag football, Russ loves to invest in the lives of GAC students.

“One aspect that really stands out is when you see the light bulb come on for a student, when they take what has been taught and make it their own.  I have been honored and excited to see this happen in classroom conversations over mathematical concepts, in certain drills regarding the sports I coach, and in the discussions about faith that I have in and out of the classroom.”

Rachel VanderPol

Rachel really wasn’t looking for a change from her current position, but when she visited GAC, she was impressed with the facilities, as well as, academic and athletic programs.  “What was very refreshing to me was how evident it was that GAC is more than just trying to help children grow in their love for education but a community that helps come along families to help their children grow in all aspects of life.”

Understanding authentic relationships builds trust that causes growth in all areas of students’ lives, Rachel uses her coaching as a platform for ministry.  “My hope for all the athletes that come through our volleyball program is that they grow in their love for the game, but also as women with high character, integrity, and faith for the Lord.”

Meet The 2020-21 Faculty Fellows

Karyn Arnold

Delaney Craig

Darion DeBrossard

Chris Sharp