About Us


Our Mission is to help each student grow as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

The Four Elements of The GAC Mission dynamically cultivate the full life of GAC students towards remarkable success,  lifelong health, ethical decision making, and meaningful engagement.   
GAC grows wisdom in students’ intellect, with far-reaching concepts, knowledge, and skills, measurable in outstanding achievement making it a leader among Atlanta schools. Just as vital, GAC  focuses on the development of judgement, insight, and discernment in decision making and critical thinking.  
GAC fosters students’ growth in stature from physical strength, to skills in superb athletics, and to the best in healthy habits, all designed for lifelong wellness and fulfillment.
GAC nurtures students’ meaningful relationship with God a heavenly parent who loves them personally, calling them to the character, ethics, and leadership of Jesus, with an eternal perspective about their own lives and purpose.
GAC launches her students deep into community as proactive leaders, because the favor of people matters. Whether in volunteering in Atlanta nonprofits, churches, food drives for the hungry, or international missions, it’s clear that when GAC students engage to change others, they themselves are transformed as well.
Together, The Four Elements that shaped Jesus shape GAC students to lead lives of significance, amazing success, and joy.

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  • What is GAC's Statement of Faith?

    The Statement of Faith signed annually by each member of the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff, provides affirmation of biblical doctrine that is in concert with the message of God as reflected in the Bible and historic Christianity. The statement also defines the perspective that shapes a Greater Atlanta Christian education. 
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  • What is the Community Covenant?

    Greater Atlanta Christian School (GAC) is a K-12 school and a community that takes seriously the growth of students intellectually, physically, in service to others, and in favor with God. To fulfill the school’s mission, and to be models for her students and families, all entrusted with responsibility in the GAC Community – the Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty and staff – also commit to live by and in accordance with the principles found in this Community Covenant.

    The GAC Community recognizes and respects that there is diversity within the body of Christ on some issues and behaviors. The GAC Community makes no attempt to say that every statement within the Community Covenant is necessarily the rule of order for all believers in all places (although some items, based verbatim on scripture, are universal for all disciples). Rather, this Community Covenant fosters common cause and direction for GAC, in our collective ministry to children, teens, and families, and guides us together to walk in deeper discipleship. 
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A GAC Student Is...

  • guided by faith
  • courageous in character
  • engaged in service
  • empowered by strengths
  • driven by passions
  • shaped by experiences
  • inspired by vision
  • motivated by mission
  • committed to action