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GAC is a great school.

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Alumni Thomas Vorpahl ‘92 and Brandon Barron ‘92 Give Back
Alumni Thomas Vorpahl ‘92 and Brandon Barron ‘92 Give Back

The idea for Southern Commercial Roof Tech came to GAC alumni Thomas Vorpahl and Brandon Barron during a family vacation. Friends since the 6th grade, they put their plan into action in 2014, opening the doors to their roofing company in a low-rent warehouse with an unyielding commitment to success but zero employees. Since then, their company has been extremely blessed, and Vorpahl and Barron want to return the blessing. They recently gifted GAC with in-kind roofing services.

Owner Thomas Vorpahl said, “Giving back to GAC is a way for me to show my thanks for the positive influence that GAC has had in my life. From helping to build strong foundations in faith to fostering lifetime friendships, the environment that GAC provided for me had a profound and lasting effect on my future. I am excited that my skills are now able to contribute to continuing this opportunity for others, which now includes my children.”

Vorpahl believes that one of the main ways GAC influenced his life was developing his faith at an early age. He said, “The guidance of my teachers and the biblical learning provided in our daily Bible classes and chapel services created an early foundation of faith that was much more impactful than I realized at the time. It reinforced a moral standard that helped steer my compass when confronted with many challenging ethical dilemmas and life decisions. Without the influences of those teachers, classes, and classmates, I’m certain that I’d not be on the same path that I am today. Now as a parent, I’m excited to provide a similar environment to my children. I know that the teachers have and will continue to pour their love into our children to watch them flourish and achieve even greater things.” Vorpahl has three children attending GAC.