At Greater Atlanta Christian School, our trained and devoted faculty help nourish student intellects and hearts in equal measure.
At GAC, learning is an active endeavor, guided by attentive and skilled teachers and supported by flexible spaces and the best in educational technology. Our curriculum is infused with project-based learning to allow students to dive deep into areas of research and inquiry. Students collaborate, debate, and problem-solve --developing the intellectual muscle that will serve them well in college, in today's workforce, and indeed, in a rapidly-changing global economy.

But our mission extends beyond simply developing the mind: we develop the heart as well, weaving in Christ's example and teaching into each academic discipline and extracurricular activity. Our goal is for every student to graduate with a clear sense of purpose, to understand how his or her particular gifts and talents can be brought to bear in a needful world.
Dr. Betty Morris
Dean, K-12 Curriculum and Instruction