Academic Teams

Compete off the field and in the classroom.

At GAC, we understand that each student is unique in their gifts, interests, and abilities. We offer a wide variety of academic competitions that capture their interests and challenge them to develop their God-given talents. Each team builds community among its members by stressing the importance of collaboration while also sharpening students’ minds through stimulating, challenging tasks that enhance what they are learning in the classroom. Opportunities include Debate, Mock Trial, Chess, Math Team, Literary Team, Robotics, and Academic Team. Each option involves engaging competition with area schools, providing students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills under motivating time constraints.  Throughout the school’s history, GAC students have achieved high levels of success in earning regional and state championships.

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  • Elementary Reading Team

    Select 4th and 5th grader students compete bowl-style against other schools. The group prepares for the bowl before school at least once a week.

    Contact: Allison Anderson
    2018 - 5th out of 25 in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl in Dekalb County.
  • Academic Team

    Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School teams

    Students compete in teams of four to five, answering questions concerning subjects such as science, literature, history, fine arts, mathematics, mythology, social science, religion, and philosophy, as well as current events and popular culture. Students are encouraged to explore topics of interest as they develop deeper cross-curricular and multicultural understanding.

    Academic Team encourages students to love learning, to grow in their understanding of academic subjects, and to collaborate so that the whole team becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

    Contact: Matt Fincher - Varsity, JV; Robert Moloney - MS
    2019 - State Runners-Up (JV); 2 wins on WSB-TV High-Q (V)
    2018 - State Runners-Up (V & JV)
    2017 - State Champions (JV)
  • Chess Team

    Scholastic chess tournaments are typically five rounds with 30 minutes per player per game. Each player's outcomes contribute to the team score. Benefits include the mental exercise of chess itself and the social camaraderie.

    Coach: Michael Glenn
    2017 - State Tournament qualifier, 11th place
  • Debate Team

    Spartan debaters compete in teams of two in a Public Forum debate. Each month they research and prepare speeches on a different topic related to US government policy or international relations. The members of each team engage in spirited, back-and-forth "crossfire," in which they question each other concerning arguments they have made. Debate Team fosters students' research, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills and encourages teamwork and collaboration.

    Contact: Paul Cable
  • Literary Team

    The GHSA Literary competition is one of the most eclectic avenues of competition available to GAC students. With categories in Essay, Extemporaneous Speaking, Oral Interpretation, Male Quartet, Female Trio, and Male and Female Solo, this competition brings together students from all corners of the GAC student body to work towards Region and State-level championship, both as individuals and as a team. Significant benefits of competing in the Literary competition include not only the possibility of winning a GHSA championship in a specific area but also the camaraderie built between students who likely would not have much interaction throughout a normal school year.

    Contact: Marcus Miller
    2019 - Individual State Champion: Claudia Butler, Personal Essay
    2018 - Male Quartet Region 7-AAA Champion, Male Solo Region 7-AAA Champion, Personal Essay - State Champion, Argumentative Essay - Region 7-AAA Champion, Team - Region 7-AAA Runner-Up
    2017 - Male Quartet Region 7-AAA Champion 
  • Math Team

    Our Math Team competes in six to eight tournaments per year, including events at schools such as Rockdale Magnet, Mercer University, Luella High School, Lassiter High School, Augusta University, Columbus State University, Georgia Tech, and Middle Georgia State University - to name a few. We practice weekly, learning advanced problem-solving techniques and delving into topics that are typically reserved for post-secondary studies.

    Contact: Michael Washingon - Varsity & JV; Laura Markert - MS
    2019 - AAA State Runners-Up (V, JV)
    2018 – AAA State Champions
    2017 - AAA 2nd in State
    2016 - AA 2nd in State
    2015 - AA State Champions
    2014 - AA State Champions
  • Mock Trial

    Mock Trial is a Georgia high school activity sponsored by the Georgia Bar Association. The competition is interscholastic, and we prepare a team of 14 students (at a minimum) to go to "court" with a fictional case used by all high schools. The competition takes place in actual Georgia Superior Court courtrooms. The team is taught by professional attorneys, and the student roles include both witnesses and lawyers. Students learn to argue both sides of the case. There is a Region competition where the top three schools advance to the District competition; the top school then advances to a State tournament in May.

    Contact: Gary Crane & Mary Lynn Huett
    2015 - Region Champions
    2014 - Region Champions

  • Robotics Team

    The robotics team builds a robot designed to compete in a specific game, the rules for which are different each year. The games are played as a tournament with many matches and points earned in every match. A team’s rank increases the more points that they earn in every match and tournament. Students have the opportunity to advance past the state level.

    Contact: Jay Hamilton
    2018 - State Tournament Qualifiers
    2017 - State Tournament Qualifiers
    2016 - State Tournament Qualifiers
    2015 - State Tournament Qualifiers
  • Science Olympiad


Matt Fincher,
Director of Academic Competitions