Early Childhood Village

Making the transition from home to school is easier in a safe, loving environment.

The Early Childhood Village offers 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs.

The Early Childhood Village is a place of discovery. Our youngest Spartans eagerly embrace learning in classrooms where they are loved and known by their teachers. GAC’s Village teachers are highly qualified, most having achieved their master’s degree in Education.

Your child will experience intellectual, spiritual, social and physical development, as their curious minds learn best when provided with multiple opportunities to play, collaborate, explore and discover. The curriculum in the Early Childhood Village aligns with the academic standards that span all grades at GAC. It takes advantage of the natural ability children have to learn and establishes a firm foundation for reading, writing, and math.

We provide opportunities for our children to reach their full potential while fostering a joy for learning in a Christ-centered community. Multiple subject areas are included in the K-4 and K-5 curriculum such as Bible,  Reading, Writing, Math, Social Science, Science, Spanish, Music, Art, and Physical Education. Each class is a blend of teacher-directed instruction and student-led exploration.

Space, Exploration, Faith

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Rhonda Helms, Principal

Jill Baker, Assistant Principal


Marisa Hedgcock
Administrative Assistant