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GAC is a great school.

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Early Childhood Village

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Begin with faith and love.

This is where your child's education begins. At the Early Childhood Village (K3-K4), we lay the groundwork for what's to come for many years. The academic subjects of math, language arts, social science, science, and Bible are taught in thematic units as students learn through developmentally appropriate activities that feel much like play. 

Our students explore, collaborate with one another, and discover the wonders of God’s love.  Our top priority: hands-on learning experiences guided by teachers who provide warmth and encouragement throughout the learning process.

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"Our daughter has tremendous opportunities to learn and achieve, both in academics and in enrichment activities, through the skillful and loving spirit of GAC faculty. But most importantly, she gets to grow in the knowledge, wisdom, and stature of Christ Jesus that motivates her heart to experience God and His calling for her life."

Dr. Erol and Mrs. Sandra Onal 

The Village Experience

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School Administration

Rhonda Helms

Jill Baker
Assistant Principal

Aaron Jongko
Assistant Principal

Cristina Pantea
Administrative Assistant