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GAC is a great school.

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Ethos School

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Gain the freedom to learn.

Prepare for flexible, global, real-world learning environments with GAC’s online platform, Ethos School. 

Equip your student for college and beyond, while giving them time to pursue passions outside of academics. At GAC, one way we innovate is by creating vibrant learning environments that give our students every opportunity to grow in the ways that work best for them.

Students enrolled in online courses at Ethos School develop crucial online learning skills. All classes and teachers maintain the same high quality academics and faith infused curriculum of the GAC community. More than 600 students from across the globe are currently enrolled in Ethos School. They collaborate and learn with peers from other cultures, further preparing them for the global workforce. They gain the flexibility to add classes, deepen areas of study, and pursue extracurriculars. 

The success of the Ethos School model is being proven through positive testing outcomes, productive relationships between teachers and students, and the performance of our students.

Learn more about the Ethos student experience!

Dr. Betty Morris, Ethos School Director of Academics

“Research suggests that online, adaptive learning environments can outperform traditional face-to-face settings. Based on research and the demand for digital skills in the workplace, education systems are moving toward more online options. Top tier colleges are leading the trend by offering Higher educational degrees via an online platform. We are preparing students for college and their future careers by offering rigorous online courses. We have been very pleased with high success rates matching those of face-to-face classrooms.”

Discover the Advantages of Ethos School

Dr. Josh Thomason, Ethos School Executive Director

"Imagine your child discussing anthropological concepts in AP Human Geography with students as far west as Oregon and as far east as Kigali, Rwanda. Through its online platform Ethos School, Greater Atlanta Christian School (GAC)  is preparing its students not only for their next step in college but for the global workforce they’ll enter thereafter."

Take Advantage of a World of Learning

Prepare for college, explore new subject matters, enjoy a flexible schedule, and collaborate with students across the globe with GAC’s Ethos School.

Dr. Misty Overman, Head of School at Fort Worth Christian

“Providing high caliber options for our Christian schools is paramount to their success in an ever changing educational landscape. Ethos School sets a high standard by providing those options with both quality of program and structure in a faith-based context, something previously known only in higher education.”

Sophia, Ethos Student

“The Ethos platform has given me access to classes I would normally never find. I believe that if a student ever feels like they’re missing out with their standard curriculum, then Ethos is the perfect place to pursue further study in any area they want. For me, this applies to classes like AP European History and AP Art History, which were only offered on Ethos. They have been some of my favorites throughout my high school years simply because they allowed me to “branch out” in my social science and history studies. I have yet to take Creative Writing on Ethos, but it is also another class offered on the platform and not directly at my school. As I am interested in creative writing myself, I am glad to have the opportunity available!"

School Administration

Dr. Josh Thomason
Executive Director

Dr. Betty Morris
Director of Academics

Dr. Paul Cable
Ethos Academic Dean