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GAC is a great school.

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Academic Support

Acquire the strategies, tools, and preparation you will carry with you to college. 

Students with mild learning differences are served and supported here at GAC. Our committed Academic Support professionals craft intentional plans to address each student's learning profile. Most importantly, we teach students to understand their needs and advocate for themselves within an academic setting. 

GAC's personal attention and teamwork approach instills greater self-confidence and a love of learning that will serve students for years beyond their time as GAC students. 

Options and Fees

"Our daughter's confidence and academic performance have blossomed since we enlisted the help of GAC's Academic Support professionals.  The teachers work together as a team to ensure that she is equipped to thrive in the classroom. Most importantly, she's learned to appreciate her God-given talents and learning style within a rigorous academic environment."

Scott Salter, GAC Parent


Jill Baker
K-5 Learning Advocate

Crystal Downs
6-12 Learning Advocate

Marla Boren
Academic Support Teacher

Garrett Granberg
Academic Support Teacher

Lianne Keeton
Academic Support Teacher

Josh Lee
Academic Support Teacher

Rene Melson
Academic Support Teacher