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GAC is a great school.

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College Counseling

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The GAC College Counseling program aims to help each student find the right college match. Our college counselors guide our students and their families one-on-one through every step of the college admission process.

We honor the differences of each student and strive to aid them in identifying their strengths, values, and interests when considering the best school fit. We coach our students on how to best prepare and present themselves.

Our support is proactive and individualized, empowering students to take ownership of the collegiate transition process. 

Class of 2023 Statistics

Johnny Meshramkar '20

I don’t know how I would’ve applied to college without the counseling department. The college application process is confusing, and it’s important that you fill everything out correctly. My counselor helped me navigate through all my questions and she was always available for questions. My counselor made this process that much less stressful and helped give me clarity through advice.


Kelly Irish
College Counselor

Ayesha Nasmyth
College Counselor

Donna Pate
Professional School Counselor
International Students

Mitchell Baker
Professional School Counselor

Karen Harper
Counseling Office Project Manager