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GAC is a great school.

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Fellowship Program

Paving the way for future dream jobs. 

This highly-competitive program seeks to place select students into their dream workplace for 80 hours over the summer before their senior year. Students earn true industry experience in high school, allowing them to begin their senior year with a renewed enthusiasm to pursue their desired career, or perhaps to discover an entirely new passion.

Our Business Partners

Students are selected based on GPA requirements, industry interest, aptitude test results, and faculty recommendations. Just as each student has specialized interests, the program’s business partners reflect the varied interests of students.

Business partners know, from experience and reputation, that GAC students are exceptional performers with enthusiasm and passion that supports the working environment. Business partners gladly invest in students with a desire to learn the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. When the summer program is over, businesses look forward to working with their students again or developing another student. To learn more about the program or to become a partner, contact Margie Asef, Director of Community Relations.




Learn More About the Program


Margie Asef 
Community Relations

Donna Pate
College Counselor

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Ashley's upbeat demeanor and can-do attitude brightened the office and boosted morale! She is an organization whiz and assisted with our end-of-year filing of reports and order slips. It was truly a pleasure to have her as our student."

Morehouse School of Medicine

"In the short time Evana was here, her understanding of health disparities, health equity, and social determinants of health grew tremendously. She came out of her fellowship with a greater appreciation of how [other factors] affect health outcomes." 

Academics Plus

"Our entire team was blown away by Reagan! Professional, punctual, a self-starter—she consistently met and exceeded expectations while contributing wonderful ideas, assisting with student sessions, and helping us with several projects. More importantly, she was friendly, kind, and trustworthy. We would be happy to host future students and look forward to welcoming another student next summer!"