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GAC is a great school.

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Global Education

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Experience the World.

GAC Global Education transforms students into global citizens. 

The world is God’s masterpiece and our classroom. GAC students expand their knowledge and frame of reference through opportunities for service and learning across every corner of the globe. When we immerse ourselves in other cultures and share God’s love with our neighbors near and far, we open up a world of possibilities. 

"Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples." Psalms 96:3 NIV

"This experience makes me appreciate and recognize God more and more. The abilities He gave to us to serve and help the community is really amazing and should be appreciated more."

Romeo Moreno '27 served on the Middle School Mission Trip to Arizona

Global Education Opportunities

Learn in a Global Classroom. 

GAC high schoolers have ample opportunities to learn outside of campus. Many of our students participate in study abroad programs that require preparation before the trip and rich field learning opportunities. We also offer many mission trips and annual learning excursions where students can help spread God’s word and do important work in new cultures and communities. In addition, the Ethos online school prepares students for the digital learning demands of college. Our online courses give students the opportunity to collaborate with students across the globe and offer greater flexibility to pursue non-traditional educational opportunities. 

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