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GAC is a great school.

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Study Abroad

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Leading Edge Learning

Students and trip leaders alike declare their experiences in the Study Abroad program one of their top learning experiences. Education is not limited to the classroom and the Study Abroad program offers students an incredible opportunity to learn in new ways all across the globe including Belize, Ireland, Thailand, and Costa Rica.  

Study Abroad participants receive an elective credit for their time studying and learning in the field. Students become subject matter experts prior to their trip and are able to experience the practical application of their research in the field. GAC currently has four study abroad trips to Belize, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Thailand with the following focus areas: science, conflict resolution, world language, and Bible. Trip opportunities rotate each year during Summer, Fall, and Spring Break, allowing students to have multiple study abroad experiences during their High School years at GAC.

The world is their classroom

Recent Study Abroad Trips

"I am so thankful to the students for reminding me what it is like to wonder, to do something new that scares you and to experience and ask questions."

Savannah Roberts, Belize team member, High School Bible teacher