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Students and trip leaders alike declare their experiences in the Study Abroad program one of their top learning experiences. Education is not limited to the classroom and the Study Abroad program offers students an incredible opportunity to learn in new ways all across the globe including Belize, Ireland, Thailand, and Costa Rica.  

Study Abroad participants receive an elective credit for their time studying and learning in the field. Students become subject matter experts prior to their trip and are able to experience the practical application of their research in the field. GAC currently has four study abroad trips to Belize, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Thailand with the following focus areas: science, conflict resolution, world language, and Bible. Trip opportunities rotate each year during Summer, Fall, and Spring Break, allowing students to have multiple study abroad experiences during their High School years at GAC.

The world is their classroom.

Upcoming Trips 2020

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  • Costa Rica - World Language

    This two-week language immersion trip gives students a unique opportunity to live in and experience first-hand a Hispanic culture. Students will improve their Spanish proficiency through classes taught by native college instructors, as well as by applying and utilizing their language skills in an authentic way. Costa Rica is possibly one of the most exciting and safest places to travel in Central America. Some of the highlights of the trip are Spanish immersion classes; living with Costa Rican families; visiting churches; and participating in service and cultural activities such as Costa Rican cooking and dance classes. It also includes exciting excursions to a volcano, a coffee plantation, the artisan marketplace, the National Museum, the National Theatre, a Zip Line Canopy Tour, the beach, surf lessons, whitewater rafting, and other memory-making moments. The idea is to integrate the Spanish language into any adventure we might take.
  • Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland - Conflict Resolution

    Ireland is a land of unspeakable beauty whose people have been shaped by hundreds of years of civil war. Out of the ashes of these troubles have risen peacemaking heroes, on both sides of the divide, bringing the possibility of lasting peace. We will learn from the stories of the courage of these heroes and let their message transform us into uncommon peacemakers in a fractured world.

    Beginning with a photography lesson and walking tour of Dublin, we will explore the Victorian streets, visit Christ Church Cathedral, observe local street art, and learn about Ireland’s struggle for independence. In Northern Ireland, we will experience Belfast, the original home of the Titanic, and a city divided with a compelling story of conflict. In addition to learning about The Troubles, we will soak up the stunning Antrim coast, visiting the Dunluce Castle, the mysterious Giant’s Causeway, and the famed Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge before returning to Dublin
    for a few additional highlights such as acquiring the “gift of the gab” from Blarney Castle.
  • Thailand - Bible

    Join us as we explore the beautiful country of Thailand. During this trip, we will explore Chiang Mai for several days and then venture on to Bangkok. During their travels, students will study comparative religions, in particular, Christianity and Buddhism, the two major religions of Thailand. In addition, students will also study missionary anthropology and meet with several missionaries doing work both in establishing churches and fighting human trafficking. While studying, students will also enjoy hikes through jungles, elephant rides, and river rafting.
  • Belize - Science

    Students taking this course will study the relationships of marine and terrestrial organisms found on the coral reefs, seagrass meadows, mangrove swamps, caves, and rainforests of Belize. The course will run for 7-9 days and is comprised of a variety of learning opportunities: active exploration, cooperative field research, classroom learning, and cultural experiences. In preparation for this trip, students need to be in good physical condition and proficient at snorkeling/swimming. There will be required pre-trip assignments. A five-hour mountain hike and several snorkeling excursions are planned during the trip. The following are some activities we have done in the past:

    In the rainforest:
    • Mountain hike
    • Visit a cacao farm
    • Ethnobotany walk
    • Cave snorkeling
    • Canopy tour zip-lining
    • Stargazing
    On the reef:
    • Mangrove snorkel
    • Multiple reef snorkels
    • Night-time snorkel
    • Visit Scissor-Tail Island
    • Night-time pier observation
"I am so thankful to the students for reminding me what it is like to wonder, to do something new that scares you and to experience and ask questions." 
Savannah Roberts
2015 Belize Team member, High School Bible Teacher


High School Dean of Academics