Hybrid Program

Pursue your passion. Experience community. Achieve your dreams.

Greater Atlanta Christian School is the second largest Christian school in Georgia, ranked at the top of the state for teaching quality, arts, and athletics. More than that, we are a faith-infused, academically rich community where students, parents, and teachers share in the endeavor to Be Greater. In collaboration with our online school Ethos, we offer a dynamic hybrid program designed to meet the needs of students who are pursuing their passion at an elite level. Students pursuing their dreams can find balance and community while enjoying the moments that make school memorable and life-changing.

Students create a tailored schedule that combines face-to-face classes with our online platform, Ethos School. Half-days on campus allow students to be connected to the GAC community. They become an integral part of the student body and can engage in every possible activity, from academic teams to homecoming dance to musical theater. With access to a diverse student body, expansive co-curricular opportunities, high-quality teachers, and state-of-the-art campus facilities, students enjoy a well-rounded school experience and are prepared for greater opportunities in college and beyond.
Most online classes are taught by GAC faculty who are also available on campus to help students before or after classes.

Parents of Nicole Eigbedion, GAC Freshman, Top-ranked tennis player in Georgia:

“Attending GAC and having a flexible schedule has provided Nicole with the ability to explore a partial non-traditional academic schedule while pursuing a great academic experience and participating in extracurricular activities. All the teachers have been very accommodating, flexible, and cooperative and we have definitely felt very supported. In addition, the administrators have been spectacular in ensuring that Nicole's schedule is flexible and convenient. They communicate with the teachers on our behalf to ensure that we are all on the same page well in advance before Nicole starts her classes for the semester.”


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What grade levels does the Hybrid Program accommodate?

    Students can enroll in the hybrid program beginning in 6th grade. 
  • What will my schedule look like?

    The most typical schedule will be a combination of four on-campus courses and three online courses. Students will meet in face-to-face classes Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Students can leave at 12:15 or stay for lunch.

    Accommodations can be made for students who need to travel to compete or train by working directly with your Hybrid Program faculty advisor. Other options include adding in a zero hour class (7:30 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.) or scheduling an afternoon rotation on campus. 
  • Are GAC courses NCAA-approved?

    All GAC academic courses, including Ethos academic courses, are NCAA-approved. 
  • How do I get started?

    The hybrid program is available by application only. Families can begin the process by contacting the Admissions Office at or 770-243-2273.
  • What can I take for my online classes?

    Ethos classes are offered at the AP, honors, dual credit, and college prep level. New courses are added each year.
  • Is the tuition model different?

    Hybrid students are fully GAC students; they will still be taking a full schedule of courses, just as our students who follow the traditional schedule. They will also have full access to facilities, faculty, and services. View our Tuition page to learn more.
  • What is included in tuition?

    Students are provided with a MacBook, textbooks, daily lunch, yearbook, and school pictures.

    Hybrid students have full access to all co-curricular programs and activities such as athletics, performing arts, mission trips, academic travel, and guidance and college counseling. To participate in co-curricular activities, they will be required to attend mandatory practices and games/performances as designated by the program directors.
  • Is financial aid available?

    Hybrid students can apply for tuition assistance through our Financial Aid services. View our Financial Aid page to get started. 

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