Learning Excursions and Fall Seminars

As we become global citizens, we attain greater insight.

Each year we carve out one week to extend our learning past the classroom into the greatest classroom of all--the globe. 

Experiences become personal, ever-lasting memories for GAC students. Culture, history, and religion become tangible, and students graduate prepared—and also excited—for the real world that awaits them. 

Starting from 6th grade, GAC molds our students into global citizens through the ever-evolving educational offerings. Students seize these global opportunities through several ways: learning excursions, study abroad, and mission trips.

Fall 2019

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  • New York City

    Performing Arts

    New York City is a global center known for finance, culture, good food, architecture, entertainment, and the arts! The purpose of this trip is to provide students with an immersive experience into the world of the performing arts.  This itinerary is a performer’s dream: tours of the finest concert halls and venues, workshops with professional artists, and unrivaled performances.  No matter the area of performance that interests you most, the GAC New York Learning Excursion offers new shows and workshops every year.
  • Seattle, WA

    With its unique location sandwiched between the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountain range, its tech boom, and its love for coffee, Seattle is the perfect place to experience something new and different.  Not only is Seattle the home of some of the country’s top Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Costco, it is also one of the world’s largest glassblowing hubs, thanks in large part to Tacoma native Dale Chihuly, one of the best-known glass artists in the world.  We will explore the Seattle’s underground tunnels and take a day trip out to iconic, snowcapped Mt. Rainier.  Plus, have you ever seen a whale in the wild?  You will be able to cross that off your bucket list as well with a whale-watching cruise in the Pacific!
  • St. Augustine, FL

    Marine and Terrestrial Ecology 
    9th grade only

    Freshmen will learn more about Ecology in our Marine and Terrestrial Ecology Excursion in St. Augustine, Florida. Over the course of three days, students will learn about conservation and sustainability efforts. At White Oak Conservation Center, students have the opportunity to lay eyes on endangered populations of rhinos, feed giraffes, and check out what happens if wildlife becomes ill at the Zoological Hospital on site. Being so close to water, a visit to Marineland Dolphin Conservation is a must. Students participate in a tour of this conservation center, learn how to care for dolphins, and experience firsthand what goes into conservation efforts for these wild animals. Students will participate as a group in a “touch and feed” dolphin experience--a fun and engaging way to end that rotation. Even though this excursion is focused on science, St. Augustine is full of rich history of America and there's nothing like touring downtown, visiting the local forts, shops, and restaurants! The Freshmen Learning Excursion is a great introduction to High School Learning Excursions.
  • Thailand

    Bible - 1/2 Elective Credit

    Join us as we explore the beautiful country of Thailand.  During this trip, we will explore Chiang Mai for several days and then venture on to Bangkok. During their travels, students will study comparative religions, in particular, Christianity and Buddhism, the two major religions of Thailand.  In addition, students will also study missionary anthropology and meet with several missionaries doing work both in establishing churches and fighting human trafficking.  While studying, students will also enjoy hikes through jungles, elephant rides, and river rafting.
  • Orlando, FL

    English, World History & Biology 
    10th grade only

    Sophomores will have the opportunity to visit Orlando for their grade-specific Learning Excursion.  Students will complete a service project with Give the Kids the World, an organization that works with families of special needs children to grant them a magical time at Walt Disney World.  Also, students will participate in the Disney YES programs at Epcot and Animal Kingdom.  These programs emphasize areas of story-telling, global awareness and zoological studies.  As an enhancement to these programs, students will work on group projects/assignments during part of their time in the park.   
  • Tampa, FL

    Science, Art, History
    11th grade only

    An opportunity to explore science, history, and art all within one trip.  Students will have hands-on workshops in river and marine biology.  Snorkeling, a survey of marine life, hiking, kayaking, and beach exploration are several of the planned activities.  In addition, we will discover the history and art of the Tampa area. 
  • Universal Studios, FL

    12th grade only

    On this trip, seniors will enjoy time at Universal Studios.  We will stay at Cabana Bay, an onsite Universal resort.  We will spend 2 days enjoying Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures and Volcano Bay waterpark.  Our group will have early park admission to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  On our final night in Orlando, we will enjoy dinner at Hard Rock Café and the fun and creative Blue Man Group Show.  Many memories and friendships are made on this trip.  This is one last time to travel with your classmates and we hope you will choose to be a part of the camaraderie it offers.
  • Atlanta, GA

    Bible - Satisfies Service Hour Requirement
    10th-12th grade

    Through the Service Workshop, students will engage in service around the Atlanta area at different ministries. Students will learn about how they can become more involved in the Kingdom of God at work in their own communities. Every day, students will leave from GAC to serve at different ministries that serve and advocate for such populations as the homeless, refugees, or victims of human trafficking. By participating fully in the week, students will accumulate 15-20 service hours that will count towards the GAC requirement. 
  • Chicago, IL

    Visual Arts
    10th-12th grade

    Energy and creativity in the arts abound in this exciting city!  Highlights of this trip include: A visit to the Sky deck at Willis Tower (one of the tallest buildings in the world), architecture tour by boat on the Chicago River, visit to the Chicago Art Institute Museum (housing more than 300,000 works by famous artists and the largest Impressionist collection outside of Paris), photography workshops in Millennium Park and on a “Hop on/Hop off” double-decker bus, fun at Navy Pier, and a performance of a Broadway musical at one of Chicago’s historic theaters.  We hope you will join us on this wonderful adventure that focuses on the Visual Arts!
  • Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon - Geology
    10th-12th grade

    This excursion is going to be an adventure.  We will actively explore Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park over six, action-packed days.  We will explore the forces of geology that created these wonders, as well as the magnificence of the universe that surrounds us.  We will be camping five out of the six nights in the national parks, and students will be responsible for the preparation and cleanup of their campsites and meals. 
  • Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland

    Conflict Resolution -  1/2 Elective Credit
    10th-12th grade

    Ireland is a land of unspeakable beauty whose people have been shaped by hundreds of years of civil war. Out of the ashes of these troubles have risen peacemaking heroes, on both sides of the divide, bringing the possibility of a lasting peace. We will learn from the stories of the courage of these heroes and let their message transform us into uncommon peacemakers in a fractured world. 

    Beginning with a photography lesson and walking tour of Dublin, we will explore the Victorian streets, visit Christ Church Cathedral, observe local street art, learn about Ireland’s struggle for independence.  In Northern Ireland, we will experience Belfast,  the original home of the Titanic, and a city divided with a compelling story of conflict.  In addition to learning about The Troubles, we will soak up the stunning Antrim coast, visiting the Dunluce Castle, the mysterious Giant’s Causeway, and the famed Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge before returning to Dublin for a few additional highlights such as acquiring the “gift of the gab” from Blarney Castle.  

    Students will receive credit for one academic course that will go on their transcript. There will be some academic preparation prior to leaving for the trip and a small project-based report due after the trip.

Fall Seminar

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  • 5-Minute Film Festival

    Visual Arts – ½ credit
    Have you ever wanted to shoot, direct, or star in your own movie? Now is your chance! Students in this session will write, shoot, and edit their own 5-minute movie in just five days! Students will use their creative problem-solving skills to develop an engaging story; produce an intensive project on tight deadlines; learn to advertise their film with a poster and mini-promotional campaign; and host a miniature film festival at the end of the week. 
  • Forensic Chemistry

    Science – ½ credit
    The field of forensic chemistry was first developed in the 1920s to help prosecute those committing murder in New York City.  In this seminar, students will look through a 100-year lens to solve a new murder mystery, using modern chemistry lab techniques, including analysis of drugs, blood, glass, fibers, fingerprints, stomach contents, urine, gunshot residue, and bullet material.  Students will produce and present a final report (written and oral) of their findings to help pinpoint the murderer.
  • Public Speaking

    Bible – ½ credit
    Most people are deathly afraid of speaking in public. Yet making presentations and speeches in front of fellow students, co-workers, prospective customers, and church groups is an important skill to master. In this course, students will learn about human communication and learning styles and how to prepare for and deliver a presentation. Training and practice will help students overcome fears and improve basic presentation skills.
  • Sports Journalism

    English/Math – ½ credit
    Do you have a passion for sports but a fastball that tops out at 60 mph?  Or maybe you long to have a career in an arena but your vertical leap is approximately 3.5 inches. Do you have a passion for writing about that sport you love?  Whether you are a gym rat looking for a career in sports or a writer looking for a way to make money without having to work at Starbucks, then perhaps Sports Journalism: Beyond the Box Score is the Fall seminar course you need to take.  You will learn the basics of writing game stories and feature stories for some of your favorite sports.  You will learn how to interview sports figures and coaches to get extraordinary quotes and design your own sports magazine.  In addition to working with professionals in the industry, we plan to feature a trip to a Hawks game or CNN to learn more about the exciting world of Sports Journalism.


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