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GAC is a great school.

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Lower School

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Set a strong foundation at Lower School.

At GAC, your child's bright future is so much more than elementary. 

We believe that every child, no matter how young, is a thinker, change-maker, dreamer, and community member. At GAC, your young scholar benefits from an intentional and strategic approach to academics. We provide learning opportunities that prepare our Lower School students for the academic rigor and opportunity waiting for them in our Middle School and High School communities. 

Young children have an immense capability to adapt and acquire learning skills that will benefit them in the future. GAC’s STEAM programs and digital learning opportunities prepare students for the course work in higher grade levels. Students in Lower School work collaboratively with classmates and teachers, who engage them in discovery opportunities that keep students interested and engaged in learning.

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The Lower School Experience

Enriching the early years. 

Ensure your child’s elementary school years prepare them for the most opportunities in GAC Middle School and High School.

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School Administration

Rhonda Helms

Jill Baker
Assistant Principal

Aaron Jongko
Assistant Principal

Rebekah Gilliard

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Christy Stansberry
Administrative Assistant