Lower School

Creating the joy of learning through experiences, opportunities, and relationships.

In our Lower School, students build critical academic foundations in an atmosphere of joyful discovery.

Our intentional and step-wise STEAM-infused curriculum helps students master the essentials of reading and mathematics while developing critical thinking skills in a classroom supported by the best of educational technology. In addition to national and state standards, which provide a starting point for the comprehensive lower school curriculum, specific GAC standards are included in the curriculum to ensure our students are well prepared to take advantage of the advanced learning opportunities we have to offer.

The learning environment extends far beyond the classroom to our environmental learning center where students can observe nature, test scientific principles, and make hands-on connections between academic ideas and the living world. As they nurture plants that grow and blossom, care for chickens in our on-site chicken coop, and consider how to market the eggs, students tackle real-world challenges, collaboratively developing insightful solutions. They head to Middle School as scholars well-prepared for deep inquiry and meaningful project work.

Learning, Collaboration, Faith

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Rhonda Helms, Principal

Jill Baker, Assistant Principal

Dana Davis, Dean of Students


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Rebekah Gilliard
Lower School Counselor