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“Middle School is a unique time in a student’s life,” according to Lauren Hollier, Dean of Academics. “Instead of making it a general fit for everyone, we make it a specific and individualized fit for everyone.” A specific fit. Not a general fit. At GAC, we have the resources, the time, and the programs to create a specific fit for each student. We have the right team, too. Teachers, administrators, support staff all work together to customize each student’s experience. And during the middle school years, that can make a significant impact on students who are growing rapidly in many ways.

Middle school students need a solid foundation for all that is to come. In addition to the breadth and depth of our curriculum, we train students to tackle “life skills” and work with them to strengthen their executive function: cultivating good study habits, thinking and planning ahead, and developing the resourcefulness and grit necessary to get the work done. They learn to go the extra mile and try something new.

We strive to make middle school a great experience that students will look back on fondly, not a time to be endured. Although they are eager for independence, this age group often needs extra support and TLC to navigate this time in their lives. We strive for all of this…and more. It is our desire for each child to have a well-rounded experience, attempting new things and growing in many ways: three years that are both productive and joyful. Students thrive in GAC’s middle school environment.

“It’s important to let parents know that in the middle years, we’ve got this!”—Lauren Hollier

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  • Sixth Grade

    As sixth graders enter the new world of Middle School, they explore challenging standards in Mathematics, Earth Science, Ancient Civilizations, Old Testament Foundations, and English. Sixth graders rotate through four nine-week courses experiencing classes in art, Maker Space, Theory of Thinking, and Physical Education. In Theory of Thinking, students learn about their brains and how different learning styles come into play. They practice valuable organizational strategies, improve their study skills, and devise strategies to ensure academic success in Middle School and beyond. In the Middle School Maker Space, students bring their creative ideas to design and craft projects.
    Class trip: Huntsville Space Center
  • Seventh Grade

    With seventh grade, students begin the exploration of world languages. Students can elect to take French, Spanish or Latin and have the option to take a year-long course over a two-year span to ensure a strong foundation a world language.
    In science, the focus is Life Science. In the Middle School Maker Space, they are encouraged to create, invent, and learn using technologies that include 3D printing, computer programming, electronics, woodworking, and more.
    Class trip: Savannah and Charleston
  • Eighth Grade

    By eighth grade, many students begin taking courses for credit on the High School transcript. These include math: Algebra I or Geometry; World Languages: French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Latin; and Physical Science.

    They can also take Blended American History, an independent, online history course that meets weekly.

    In October, students sit for the PSAT 8/9, giving them their first opportunity to familiarize themselves with the format and content of the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT. The experience allows students to see strengths and where improvement may be needed before High School.

    Students present annually in the Non-Fiction Book Fair.
    Class trip: Washington DC

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Middle School Leaders

Charles Edwards, Principal 
Lauren Hollier, Dean of Academics

TJ Dixon, Dean of Students


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