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GAC is a great school.

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Middle School

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These years can be the best years.

At GAC, Middle School students grow as scholars, givers, athletes, artists, and friends.

A GAC Middle School classroom is a special place. Students are immersed in a dynamic environment that reflects the real world. Innovative learning happens off of worksheets, outside of classrooms, and in community with their peers and teachers. Through rigorous focus, GAC maintains the highest standards for our teachers and our students. And it shows. Our students enter high school ready to thrive. 

They spend their middle school years working together in workshop-style lessons and gaining critical thinking skills in the liberal arts and STEM subjects. They integrate digital learning and design thinking into everyday work. And they develop necessary life skills. Preparing your students for the crucial activities and decisions they’ll face in high school and beyond starts here. 

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The Middle School Experience

"Our children have had a positive experience through what can be difficult, but crucial, developmental years. The administration and teaching staff is extremely competent and produce a positive environment not only for learning academically, but also in growing and working through social issues that affect students as they mature. It gives great comfort and peace of mind to have our children in such good hands!"

Lauren Gary, Parent of 3 GAC students

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School Administration

TJ Dixon

Lauren Hollier
Dean of Academics

Misty Wilson

Jessica Guarneri
Dean of Student Culture

Katie Randolph
Administrative Assistant