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GAC is a great school.

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Young Learners

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Nurture your young learners.

Help your child master key developmental milestones in a safe and loving environment. 

At GAC, our youngest learners are cared for and taught important developmental skills by doing what they love best - playing. We take an experiential approach, so your child will be an active participant in their own learning. Licensed by Georgia's Bright From the Start, we welcome infants six weeks of age through age two (turning three).

Child development specialists, licensed classroom teachers, and experienced childcare professionals provide one-on-one instruction tailored to each student’s proficiency and readiness. Through music, creative movement, and sensory activities we help your child hit developmental milestones and solidify the essentials including letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. 

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“When I first started to consider Young Learners for my infant daughter, I worried that our family would have to adjust the way we did things—from eating, napping, diapering, and scheduling—to fit the school’s program. But it turned out that Young Learners became a natural extension of our family. Every day I am greeted by a warm and willing staff who strive to provide the individualized attention that my 7-month-old needs. The teachers truly go above and beyond to make Young Learners a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for even the littlest Spartans on campus!”

Lauren West '09, Young Learners parent

Young Learners Program Details

To meet the needs of a variety of families, we offer school-year (August-May) and year-round (12 Month) programs. Choose between half-day and full-day options including two, three, four, and five-day programs. Half-day hours are from 7:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and full-day hours are 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Please note:

  • Required $90 application fee does not guarantee placement.
  • Tuition includes daily lunch, outside play, art, music, and creative movement.
  • Program is available 12-months or August-May
  • Fees shown indicate monthly tuition, due on the first of each month.


“Having spent a decade at GAC as a student, nothing gives me greater joy or peace than sending my daughter to the Young Learners program. Knowing she is loved, prayed for, and poured into by those who helped shape who I am today is one of the primary reasons we chose to officially make her a part of the GAC family. Pulling onto campus feels like returning home, no matter how many years have passed or how the landscape has shifted. It is a community that I will forever be thankful for and proud to be a part of.”

Sara (Collins) White '08, Young Learners parent

Help your young learner Be Greater earlier.

At birth, the average baby’s brain is about a quarter of the size of the average adult brain. Incredibly, it doubles in size in the first year. It keeps growing to about 80% of adult size by age 3 and 90% – nearly full grown – by age 5. Give your child an early head start and bring the whole family, so you can finally have everyone in one place. 

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School Administration

Abby McFadden
Director, Young Learners

Erica Pierre
Assistant Director, Young Learners

Rhonda Helms
Lower School Principal

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