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GAC is a great school.

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Alumni Family Admissions

Come back. See how we’ve changed…

And more importantly, how we haven’t.

The best things about your home at GAC remain: warm, positive relationships, invested teachers and role models, a community of faith, and a student body rich with God-given abilities.

At GAC, we want our alumni and their children back on campus. We’re better together, recognizing the loving traditions of the past and embracing the educational aspirations of the next generation.

Though you’ll feel the warm welcome of a familiar place, you may be surprised at how far we’ve come from the campus you remember. We’ve evolved, growing and changing with the times as part of a dynamic learning institution. From our student-led worship to our outstanding non-denominational Christian faculty, you will find a school that not only values our traditions but also looks forward to what your children need for the future.

 Why consider GAC now?

  • Strongest non-denominational faculty in the history of the school
  • Abundant global academic learning experiences
  • State-of-the-art learning environments promote student engagement and real-world problem solving
  • Focus on “faith in action”- student-led worship, local and global service
  • Announcing the Alumni Tuition Grant, allowing GAC to be within financial reach of all alumni families

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Sara (Collins) White '08

“Having spent a decade at GAC as a student, nothing gives me greater joy or peace than sending my daughter to the Young Learners program. Knowing she is loved, prayed for, and poured into by those who helped shape who I am today is one of the primary reasons we chose to officially make her a part of the GAC family. Pulling onto campus feels like returning home, no matter how many years have passed or how the landscape has shifted. It is a community that I will forever  be thankful for and proud to be a part of.”


Erica Pierre
Admissions Associate (Lower School)

Cathy Kahn
Senior Admissions Officer (Middle and High School)

Mary Helen Bryant '87
Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Andi Rutland
Admissions Administrative Assistant