Financial Aid

A GAC education is within reach.

Paying for a private school education is one of the largest financial investments a family will make. Since we strongly believe an education from Greater Atlanta Christian School is worth it, our intent is to make it accessible and affordable to all accepted students.

There is no specific income that automatically qualifies a family to receive need-based financial aid at Greater Atlanta Christian School. Income is only one factor that is considered. Other factors include, but are not limited to: family size; number of children; and family assets. Applying for need-based financial aid is the first step to determine your eligibility for assistance.
For more information or questions contact Jodi Wheadon at or 770-243-2218

Pay Attention to Deadlines

  • The Financial Aid Committee maintains strict confidentiality over all financial aid files.
  • Financial aid submissions begin December 1.
  • Financial aid is awarded on a one-year basis. You must re-apply each year to be considered.
After reviewing your completed documents, the Finance Office will contact you.

Take the next step.

Complete your child's admissions application. We're here to guide you through the process. If you have any questions, email us at or call us at 770-243-2273.


The Dixon Family

The generosity of the GAC community has impacted our lives beyond measure. We have five children, all of whom attend GAC. Our children are well aware that their education is a gift made possible by countless contributors that we may never have the opportunity to meet.

GAC has everything that we want for our children. The ability to have all of our kids on one campus is so comforting, and knowing that there are programs offered in their areas of interest is incredible. We are confident that is just one way GAC is a step above other places of education.

In addition to the high level of teaching, our kids receive, each of them has had countless opportunities to develop into well-rounded leaders and contributors to society.

Trey has a passion for music and leading worship. GAC has fostered this passion by allowing him to be a part of the chapel band. 

Kearston has a passion for service and has been able to work in orphanages, mentor elementary students, and assist in poverty- stricken areas of Atlanta and New Orleans.

Jaleesa has flourished into a sweet, confident, friendly little girl through the care and compassion of the GAC community.