International Students

Immersing international students into academic excellence and community.

As a college preparatory school, all GAC students are motivated academically and surrounded by opportunities to improve personally, physically, in skill and maturity. We deeply value our international students and are proud of the diversity and awareness of differing cultures they provide our student body.

The mission of Greater Atlanta Christian School is to help each child grow as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature, and favor with God and man. Therefore, we provide a distinctively Christian Worldview in an academically rich and well-rounded and supportive environment.
As a college preparatory school, students are expected to be proficient in English. Therefore, an English proficiency test is required (preferably the TOEFL) and we do require an SSAT test which assists in course placement. You can register with to find a testing location in your country.

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  • International Students Living in U.S. with a Parent:

    International students who will live full-time with a parent while in the U.S. attending school may go through the regular application process. It is important that the parent be proficient in English and able to communicate with the school when necessary. Both the student and the parent will be part of the interview process.

    General International Requirements:
    • International applicants must have confirmed living arrangements prior to applying. The parent must be able to participate in the interview for any student to be accepted.
    • All documentation must be received in English and transcripts translated into Carnegie units.
    • Students are expected to be English proficient, although ESL classes are available for enhanced vocabulary and language ability. 
    Payment Expectations:
    • All application and testing fees
    • Upon enrollment, a non-refundable $5,000 deposit is required. 
    • $4,200 annual administrative fee in addition to tuition.
  • International Students Requiring a Home-Stay Program:

    GAC partners with Three W International to provide home-stay opportunities for students from China. While GAC's international student coordinator recruits and supports the students and host families, Three W acts as a liaison between the school and the student's Chinese parents.

    Apply via Three W International 

    Three W International Partnership Requirements:
    Operating in agreement with Three W International Program and Home-Stay Host Family, the tuition for grades 9-12 is $57,580. 

    Fees do not include personal spending money, cell phone service, phone calls or personal belongings.

    Payment expectations:
    • $10,000 deposit after generating pre-acceptance letter
    • Balance payable 4 weeks before arrival
  • Requirements for Living with a Non-Family Guardian:

    GAC prefers international students to live with at least one parent but understands this is not always possible. Therefore, a family or non-family guardian will be considered based on the ability to provide the following: 
    • Must be proficient in English
    • Must be designated at the time of application
    • Must attend GAC interview as part of the admission process
    • Must provide requested guardianship documentation
    • Must provide two years of tax returns to ensure financial stability
    • Must be supportive of the GAC mission
    • Must agree to fully support the student in their co-curricular pursuits 
    • Must remain in the U.S. for the entire length of the student's stay
    Payment Expectations:
    • $4,200 annual administrative fee in addition to tuition
  • I-20 Issuance

    Due to the importance of completing the entire student admission package, I-20s will not be issued until ALL of the application paperwork is complete. This includes the following:
    1. All required paperwork has been submitted. (i.e. passport, guardianship, immunization)
    2. A live interview has been completed.
    3. Confirmation of student acceptance received through deposit.
  • Fees & Services

    International students inquiring from China who are interested in applying to our homestay program must apply through Three W International and are provided with an all-inclusive tuition package price. The 2019-2020 Tuition package price is $57,580.
    International students who intend to live with a parent, family member or approved non-family member are to apply by following the general admission process by paying the online application fee, completing the online application and submitting the requested documents.
    International students who go through the general application process are provided the yearly tuition price. For the 2019-2020 school year the current price is $23,095, in addition to an International Administrative fee of $4,200 per year which covers the following:
    • I-20 initial processing and ongoing management
    • ESL and Bible 101
    • Ongoing Support and service of International Student Coordinator
    • Academic and College Counselor
    • Quarterly events specifically designed and provided to our international students
    Please note Tuition prices are subject to a 3 to 5 percent increase per year.


Kendra Robinson
International Program Coordinator
Donna Pate
International Student Counselor and College Counselor

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