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GAC is a great school.

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Parenting Resources

"Am I raising my kids well?"

That question is probably always on your mind.

Raising children is a journey marked by changes, victories, stumbles, and hopes. It’s a time made easier by membership in a village of others sharing the trials and joys of this ‘longest, shortest time.’ For our families, GAC is that village. We understand that you want your children to succeed. You can trust us to be as invested as you are in supporting the environment and efforts to make that happen.

Particularly as more families become dual-income, we are a place where opportunities to engage are ready when you are. That may look like a parents’ Bible Study, time to worship or serve with your children, sporting and arts events with friends, or relevant parenting seminars. 

In every way, we strive to support your family to Be Greater because you are part of our school community.

Helpful Downloadable Resources

Here are some resources to help you along your parenting journey. 

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Toolkit for Preschool Success

Read Our Blog

These insightful articles can provide you with the ideas you need to raise confident, empowered children.

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