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GAC is a great school.

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Give to Students

Together, alumni support one student at a time.

More than 34% of GAC students rely on need-based financial aid each year. This is both a great opportunity and a critical need. Socioeconomic diversity makes GAC greater, and we are so proud of our community of families who come from a variety of backgrounds. Alumni believe in giving back to students with financial need, and – together - they support one student at a time each year.

Dr. Russell Holzgrefe, 2007

"This is a chance as alumni to give back to everything that made us who we are and help that next generation of GAC students."

2018 Graduate

"Financial aid is not just some sort of umbrella where funds are applied to buildings or renovations. It goes directly to a student--a student like me."

Young Alumni Leadership Circle
2015-2020: Any Gift
2010-2014: $100+
2005-2009: $250+
2000-2004: $500+
Original Spartans Circle

For alumni and friends who were a part of GAC's early years, you can make a one-time or recurring gift of $19.68 to leave your legacy and honor the history of GAC.

The Jesse Long Society

Benefactors Circle: $10,000+

Founders Circle: $5,000+

Wisdom & Stature Circle: $2,500+


Kaleigh Hartley '09
Alumni Relations Officer