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Grace Mimbs '10: International Evangelism through the Arts
Grace Mimbs '10: International Evangelism through the Arts
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Grace Mimbs '10 has been actively serving in ministry for about three years across a country in South Asia, where only 2% of the population identity as Christian.

In parternship with several ministries, Grace has been sharing the Gospel as a moblized church planter, by teaching others how to use the arts as an instrument for worship. She has been actively counseling women who have been rescued from human traffiking, mentoring students in pastoral training, and striving to empower the people of India to build authentic relationships with the person of Jesus Christ. She has had the opportunity to witness God move in many healings, salvations, and the growth of new house-churches. Her focus has been to engage individuals through the arts to discover Jesus in a depth of glory that evokes authentic worship from the lives of others.

She has recently returned to the US to use her skills in ministry, mentoring, and creativity to teach art at GAC.

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