Our award-winning drama program is second to none.

    • Sound of Music, performed November 2018
GAC's King’s Gate Theatre program develops and stretches our dramatic arts students, enhancing poise, presence, and vocal expertise -- critical training for every student whatever the ultimate career path. Our alumni work from coast to coast in all areas of the theatre -- from script writing to technical arts to performance in front of the footlights. 

Our program has won 18 state championships (Georgia High School Association and Georgia Theatre Conferences) and our student actors have repeatedly won the highly-respected Shuler Hensley Awards for High School Musical Theatre.

The Sara D. Williams Fine Arts Center holds the state-of-the art Clif Jones Theatre which seats an audience of 400. 

All videos were shot, edited, and created by student videographer and drama member, Mason Martin. 

2018-19 King's Gate Theatre Season

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  • The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank

    The Story:
    Edward Blank is extraordinary. 
    An exceptional literary talent and ghostwriter, Edward Blank has the ability to change Mills and Boon into James Joyce before breakfast. The demand for his work is so great that the letterbox clatters non-stop with tapes for transcription and he never leaves the solitary world of his tiny magnolia flat.

    But Edward is far from alone. Breaking out from his fractured conscience are an anarchic family of imagined companions, each with a hook in Edward's life that pulls him deeper into fantasy. His mind is broken and Edward can’t leave. 

    Edward seems happy in his ordinary-extraordinary life until, one day, a voice on an audio tape changes everything, challenging how far he will go to protect his fragile reality when visions of his forgotten past begin to creep in.
    This award-winning, competition play asks questions about the issue of mental health in a tender, sensitive way.  GAC Theater Department has been given the honor of being one of a handful of schools in the US to perform this amazing and technically difficult show.
    Show dates are September 27, 28, 29
  • Sound of Music

    This timeless and most beloved Rogers and Hammerstein musical tells the story of Maria, a young and vibrant nun, whose curiosities of the world around her and peculiar habits at the Abbey land her in the midst of the grand Von Trapp family. Unsure of this mission but confident in her capacity to love, Maria transforms the lives of the seven Von Trapp children and their distant father by helping them discover a love for music and each other that had been lost.

    This family finds love and closeness during the rising force of Nazi Germany, which seeks to not only threaten all that the family holds dear but overturn the Europe that they once knew as home. Maria discovers that God has equipped her for more than she ever knew, and Captain Von Trapp fights to save his family while standing against a Nazi regime, all for his belief in the rights of love and freedom for all people.

    This beautiful and lively story is suitable for all ages and for every family. Based on true events and brought to life by award-winning music and storytelling, “The Sound of Music” is a world-renowned show, known for its ability to move and enthrall every audience member.
    Show dates are Nov. 29, Dec. 1, Dec. 2
  • A Raisin in the Sun

    The Youngers are a close family living in the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s. Pushed apart by financial strife and disagreements, a $10,000 insurance check seems to be an answer to their problems, only to stir more competition and worry within them. While differences in dreams and fear of the future begin to push the family further apart, a new oppression presents itself to the Youngers family, dissolving all past discrepancies and causing the family to choose to stand together- stronger than ever before, and stronger than the oppression that threatens them.
    “A Raisin in the Sun” passionately and intelligently displays its themes: the importance of a dream, the bravery and necessity in standing against discrimination, and the value of family.
    The Author of this beautiful story, Lorraine Hansberry, is the first, the first African American female author to have a play performed on Broadway, and the youngest American to win a New York Critics’ Circle Award.
    GACS debuts this performance in celebration of Black History Month. Join us in celebrating the powerful voice of this visionary and her award-winning, revolutionizing story, which proves that dreams are universal, family roots run deep, and the truth is unflinching.
    Show dates are Jan. 31, Feb 1, 2, 3
  • Les Miserables

    The fight for justice, love, freedom, and redemption culminate in this epic classic.
    Jean Val Jean stands a broken and convicted man. Haunted by his past convictions and hunted by Javert, a legalistic man with a sworn vendetta, Val Jean must choose between the number he was branded with or the name he was called by an almighty God. He transforms his former plight into a path towards redemption, and in doing so, creates a life rich in love and joy for one whom he found in dust.
    In impoverished and diseased France, the nation is divided by those who are rich and those who go hungry, those who find love and those who lose it, and those who vow righteousness and those who demand justice.
    This story begs the question of every character and audience member: “What am I living, fighting, and dying for?”
    In this highly acclaimed musical, hope is a dream dreamed, love is a lost child, revolution is the courage of school boys, and freedom is the Lord.
    “We will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord.
    Show dates are March 7, 8, 9, 10
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream

    Hermia loves Lysander. Lysander loves Hermia.
    Demitrius wants to marry Hermia. Helena is hopelessly devoted to Demetrius.
    Oberon is at war with Titania.
    Puck follows his mischief.
    Bottom becomes a donkey.
    What?  But of course!  It’s Shakespeare, and he was a funny guy!
    When troubled lovers and a group of performers escape to the woods, complications and confusion ensue.
    Shakespeare brilliantly unravels this story with thrilling threads of romance, humor, defiance, and just a touch of magic. The unsuspecting humans that enter the forest leave transformed, finding that while their summer night there seems only but a dream, realities of the morning prove that perhaps not everything is always as it seems, but true love is always as it should be.   
    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” remains one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, not only for its comedic and ethereal qualities, but also for its universal themes, which are easily understood and appreciated by the modern audience and people of all ages.   GAC Kingsgate Theater ends its season with this enduring masterpiece.
    Show dates are May 2, 4, 5

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