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GAC is a great school.

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2024 Sports Performance Summer Camp

Here at the GAC Sports Performance Summer Camp, we're not just building athletes — we're cultivating champions through the principles of long-term athletic development. Athletes of all levels converge at the state-of-the-art Naik Athletic Training Center to develop themselves physically to unprecedented heights.

Guided by experienced coaches and bolstered by cutting-edge facilities, participants delve deep into the art and science of weightlifting. From mastering the intricacies of technique to fortifying mental resilience, every facet of long-term athletic development is meticulously crafted to ensure sustained success.

Through personalized training regimens tailored to individual needs, athletes undergo a transformative journey that extends far beyond the camp's duration. It's about instilling the discipline, perseverance, and determination necessary to thrive both on and off the platform.

"Summer Performance Training is a great opportunity to continue the athletic development that your athletes have been building throughout the year. We are focused on continuing the development of each athlete continuing in the performance training program.  We are also focused on introducing new athletes to our performance training in preparation for the upcoming fall classes. The summer training is focused on building foundational movement patterns and techniques for beginners. It is also focused on continuing to develop more advanced training methodologies for returning athletes who have previously partaken in GAC performance training classes.  These camps offer speed, quickness, agility, plyometrics and developmentally appropriate strength training.  Our goal is to help your athlete become a better overall athlete. Look forward to seeing you." - Sean Manuel, Director of Performance Training, 

Join us at the 2024 Sports Performance Summer Camp where the work that you put in translates to improved athletics and a lifetime of wellness. 

Summer Offerings

Register Here for all of our summer performance training camps.

All registrations will be charged to GAC Student Accounts.

**EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register by May 22 and receive a $50 discount only for the (all summer) training options. 

See below for detailed information on each session: