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GAC is a great school.

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Strength & Conditioning

Training the "Whole Athlete"

Located inside the state-of-the-art Naik Athletic Training Center, athletes have access to an indoor turf area, strength training, sandpit training, rehab/recovery zones, specialized training equipment & private locker room facilities. With over 5,000 sq ft of training space, “The Naik” has become one of the finest training facilities in the state of Georgia.

One of the key tenets for the entire Strength and Conditioning Program is to ensure that the "Whole Athlete" is being trained, and not just specific areas. 

GAC offers Performance Training classes to maximally develop student skills that will directly translate to improved athletics and a lifetime of wellness. The class periods are split by gender with each class having a wide range of participants varying in age, skill level, and athletic discipline. One class period can have students from grades ninth through twelfth grade that all play a variety of sports. 

Listed below is a statement from Coach Manuel:

"It is my privilege and honor to serve the GAC community.  Our aim as a performance team is to maximize the grow of each student physically, mentally and spiritually. We do this by Spiritual Principles of maximizing, while at the same time implementing Evidence Based Approaches to Performance Development.  Our goal is to help each athlete grow from the inside out through Christ Centered Principles and to maximize the gifts God has given them."

Inside the Naik

Our Charges

Sean Manuel
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kenny Watt Jr.
Assistant Trainer

Emily Krug
Performance Training Instructor

Erica Sergeant
Middle School Performance Training Director

Mission Statement

GAC Human Performance Training Program supports the mission of Greater Atlanta Christian School and the athletic department. In addition, it is our mission to teach the core values of discipline, work ethic, commitment, integrity and a positive Christian attitude while empowering the student to maximally develop skills that will directly translate to improved human performance and a lifetime of wellness.

“For GOD has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”  Timothy 1:7

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