Campus Life

Experience our campus; there is nothing quite like it.

Eighty acres of trees, learning environments, and facilities buzzing with the activity of more than 1,700 students in grades K3-12.

Mission trips and service-learning projects are "outside of the school day” opportunities that establish another level to the diverse education outside of academics. Enrichment activities create environments for personal and spiritual growth while nurturing community.

Every person is actively learning, engaging, and challenging one another - all within 10 miles of downtown Atlanta. It’s a partnership between parents, students, and faculty to create a safe and challenging environment that encourages students to become successful adults.
Students begin thinking beyond themselves and serving others as young as 3 years old. By Middle School, students are traveling the country to help others. When they enter High School, they serve others around the world.

Campus life isn’t just about the students. Entire families are strengthened in this one-of-a kind community environment where prayer, praise, and worship are daily privileges.

Where we all belong

Spiritual Retreats