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GAC is a great school.

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Encore Kids

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After school with a step in the right direction.

Snack, homework time, and outside play are here to stay, but add an elevated level of activities—Welcome to Encore Kids.

Kids have planned activities and learning units that engage children in more than just extended playtime. Encore Kids create art projects, conduct science experiments, explore engineering concepts, dance the day away in ZUMBA classes, and more!

  • Help NASA classify cloud-types each day for atmospheric and earth science projects
  • Watch and take notes on bird activity for the Cornell Institute of Ornithology
  • Classify local bugs for Colby College
  • Create with technology using Google CS (4th & 5th grades)
  • Grow cognitive functions and get outdoors with the Walking Classroom program (4th & 5th grades)

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Jennifer Lofton