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GAC is a great school.

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Family Assistance Fund

We have an opportunity to come together to provide assistance to our GAC families. We are aware that some of our GAC families are being hit harder by the COVID-19 effects than others.  Some of our families have already reached out with concerns that they may now have financial difficulty bringing their children back to GAC next year. To provide this needed help, we have started the GAC Family Assistance Fund.  All gifts, including giving the credits back, will be considered a tax deductible donation.

You will not be asked for payment today.  If you are committing above your family’s total base credit amount ($375 (K4 - Prefirst), $400 (1-5) and $450 (6-12 per student), we will first apply the credits you receive.   Then we will send you a follow-up email with further information of how to proceed with your donation.  If you would prefer to take your credits and then make your gift in full via check or credit card – please indicate that in the comment section.

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