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GAC is a great school.

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The New Landscape of Education

We live in a world that is rapidly evolving due to advancements in technology. In days past, computers used to fill entire rooms, and now we have access to computers within the palm of our hands. Technology has transformed from the days of dial-up internet to Google Fiber. As technology use has grown, so have academic avenues to deliver information to students. At GAC, we recognize that students in today’s society are unlike students from past generations. Students are digital natives, having grown up with access to smartphones, the internet, FaceTime, Netflix, and other forms of technology. READ MORE

Learning Excursions

Each year we carve out one week to extend our learning past the classroom into the greatest classroom of all—the globe. Learn more about our learning excursions here. 

Broadcast Journalism

GAC’s Live @ 1575 team is once again State Champions in the spring of 2021! The Broadcast class has taken home the first place award at the state level for their overall production (second year in a row), along with 3 individual state winners (All-Georgia) and 6 state Superior awards. Watch the award-winning videos here.  

Class of 2021

It was a remarkable year for our graduates! Click here to see our college acceptances. 

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10 Things We’re Keeping from COVID-19

Over 30 GAC faculty members weigh in on the positive impacts the pandemic had on education. As schools move forward into a post-pandemic reality, GAC has intentionally looked for ways to regain a sense of normalcy in as many areas as possible. However, we also can not overlook the fact that the pandemic has been a catalyst for innovation. Many of the top ten things were already priorities at GAC, but were found to be indispensable during the pandemic.

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GAC Broadcast Team Wins State

Broadcast Journalism is an advanced high school course that focuses on producing “Live @ 1575,” a weekly student-run broadcast including school news, world news, sports and arts updates, feature videos, and interviews with students and faculty.

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Dr. Betty Morris, Director of Academics & Teacher Growth

Dr. Betty Morris, Director of Academics & Teacher Growth

From Your Academic Leaders
"Faith, courage, wisdom, commitment to our mission, and perhaps previously untested resilience emerged stronger than ever in each teacher and student over the last few years. Overwhelming passion for educating each student led the decisions that ensued. The learning environment became different – requiring different teaching skills, planning, and connection to students. Teachers adapted by utilizing different teaching strategies than in just a face-to-face learning environment." - Dr. Betty Morris, Director of Academics & Teacher Growth