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GAC is a great school.

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A Life in the Fine Arts
A Life in the Fine Arts

Behind every performance, sculpture, and musical ensemble at GAC is this belief: the purpose of art is to honor and glorify our Creator. All things come from God, and as creations made in the image of God, we are called to reflect on the human experience through our creations. It is through this philosophy that every GAC Fine Arts class is taught. Through a path of service, worship, and reflection, the GAC Fine Arts experience is unique and remarkably special.

With this at the core of all we do, GAC educators teach from the perspective that art is the opportunity for God to reveal himself more fully. Our creativity is a sacred gift, an opening for God to work through us.

And in a year with COVID restrictions, our community has had to trust God and lean on him more than ever to move and work.
In a moment in time where most schools were shutting down performances and fine arts programs, GAC said, “the show must go on,” and trusted in God to make a way. If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that we serve a God who makes a way, even when the circumstances look impossible.

“We put on 63 performances when no one was doing performances. We had to figure out how to do it safely. Thankfully, we have the resources, the staffing, and the facilities to make it happen. We wanted to make sure that we could give our students, families, and our staff performance opportunities.” - Regan Burnett, GAC Fine Arts Director

The arts have a significant impact on the intellect, culture, and creativity of our student body. With classes and lessons available during the school day and after school, GAC students participate in various instruction and performance opportunities. GAC has long cultivated high-caliber arts programs. Our stunning artwork on display and performances around campus makes GAC feel like a home, inspiring, and building community.

Our fine arts teachers do not simply lecture on techniques. Each teacher practices what they teach. They’re involved in their community and actively practice their craft. These teachers are relevant examples to their students of what it means to be a fine arts professional.

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