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GAC is a great school.

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Responsive and Stable Leadership
Responsive and Stable Leadership

When it comes to a crisis like COVID-19, stable and responsive leadership is paramount.

With only three presidents in over 50 years of GAC’s existence, stability has been central to our ability to respond effectively. We have discovered that asking for feedback is essential to preserving a positive and supportive school climate. Whether through parent surveys, faculty and staff focus groups, or task forces for problem solving, leadership at GAC strives to be responsive to the needs of the school-wide community.

In order to be impactful, responsiveness and stability are necessary at every level. At GAC, faculty and staff tenure regularly spans for decades. Over the past two years, understanding how each student was responding to the pandemic has become a part of the planning and teaching process. Responsive decisions in the classroom are made as teachers observe, analyze, and assess how students respond to teaching, recognizing that we are teaching the student, not the curriculum.

Our leaders also remember that Jesus promised us an advocate to teach and remind us of God’s truth. GAC leaders are actively pursuing God’s plan for GAC.

87% of GAC parents gave an ‘A’ to GAC’s overall response to the pandemic, compared to 71% nationwide that gave their school an ‘A’. This is according to a nationwide survey conducted by Independent School Management of 16,000 independent school parents.

Enrollment has been up more than 20% since Spring 2020, and many families say they made the move due to GAC’s forward-thinking and agile response to the pandemic.

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