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GAC is a great school.

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National Impact

Service knows no boundaries.

From our campus across the nation, GAC makes a wide impact.

GAC is a top-ranked independent school. Institutions from across the nation and beyond study our innovative, research-based teaching, learning, and community models. They tour our campus to gather information about faith-infused, academically rigorous education. 

Educational teams from as far as China, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, and Rwanda have visited GAC. We bring our principles, passion, and knowledge to the world. Through partnerships with the Johns Hopkins University Neuroeducation Initiative, GAC is helping to improve pedagogical training and research. Through Ethos School, students from 21 schools across the nation gain access to high scoring AP courses and Global language studies.

Our faith-infused model and academic rigor have gained GAC wide national recognition including being named as a National School of Excellence, a U.S. Blue Ribbon School, an Apple Distinguished School, and an All Kinds of Minds Distinguished School. 


Impact begins at GAC.

Grow as part of the nationally-recognized GAC community.

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