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GAC is a great school.

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GAC Earns Global Recognition for AP Exam Scores

To get a top score on an AP exam — a 5 on the 5-point scale — is a significant achievement that often enables students to get college credit. To get a perfect score is a rare occurrence. Out of over 300,000 students around the world who took the AP Government exam last May, only 113 got every answer right. Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross, Georgia boasts two of these students: Jack Hollier and Victoria Huynh.

AP Government teacher Matt Fincher had this to say about his students’ achievement: “Victoria and Jack are both incredible, hard-working students, and their success on the exam resulted from their own dedicated preparation and effort but also due to their interaction with an exceptional group of classmates, who sharpened them and who altogether earned an average score of 4.67 on the AP Government Exam, the highest we’ve ever had. Their achievement deserves to be celebrated and demonstrates how effectively our entire faculty prepares GAC students for the next level.”

High School Principal Shane Woodward, when told of this achievement, said: “This accomplishment is not only indicative of the caliber of students we have, but of the quality of our faculty as well. Mr. Fincher’s ability to engage and challenge our students, while equipping them with knowledge of standards that are essential in the Advanced Placement curriculum, is phenomenal. This accomplishment does not just happen. It requires careful planning and quality assessment, over time, to understand exactly what students need. Mr. Fincher has put great work into making a perfect score a possibility for his students and I couldn’t be more grateful for his efforts.”

The 1,600-student private school, which draws students from across the Atlanta region, is ranked at the top of the state for teaching quality, arts, and athletics. In fact, the school is tied for the top Atlanta private school to have the highest AP pass rate at 85% in 26 AP courses.

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