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GAC is a great school.

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VIP Guests on Campus

We rolled out the red carpet for hundreds of GAC grandparents today on our favorite day of the year—our annual Grandparents Day. Spartans of all ages toured classrooms with their grandparents, introducing them to friends and teachers. Grandparents and grandchildren together enjoyed performances including choir, band, orchestra, drama, and dancing ensembles.

“I bet it’s a little more fun to be a grandparent than a parent,” President Scott Harsh, a father of three himself, predicted with nods of agreement, clapping, and laughter from the crowd. Dr. Harsh highlighted the success of our students in academics, sports, the arts, and in growing their faith. The extra warmth and wisdom grandparents brought onto campus was appreciated by all, and we hope grandparents felt the love too as we showed them the very best of what goes on here on our beautiful campus. The partnership between home and school is part of what makes GAC a special place, shaping and enriching the daily lives of everyone in the Spartan community.

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