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2021 GAC STAR Student/Teacher Announced
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2021 GAC STAR Student/Teacher Announced

GAC Senior Darlene Nguyen, of Duluth, was recently named a Georgia STAR student, a recognition program sponsored statewide by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, the Georgia Chamber, and the Georgia Department of Education.

To become a STAR student, a high school senior must have the highest score on the SAT in his or her class on any single test date through November of his or her senior year and also be in the top 10 percent of his or her graduating class based on grade-point average.

What’s special about this program is that each STAR student picks a teacher who has made a significant impact on his or her life or education to be his or her STAR teacher. Darlene chose GAC chemistry teacher Mary Lynn Huett.

“Darlene has an excellent academic record and a long list of achievements, but what I most appreciate about her is that she is humble, kind, and has earned the respect of both teachers and peers…Her agility in handling the changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic have been remarkable,” said Ms. Huett, who has taught chemistry for 11 years.

Darlene said of her STAR teacher: “I chose Mrs. Huett because she challenged me academically and pushed me to explore my interest in chemistry and science…The rigor of her classes encouraged me to push myself intellectually, and I feel like I was able to learn a lot with her support.”

Darlene is headed to Emory University to study biology this Fall as a pre-med student.

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