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Ben Eberhart ‘17 Establishes Global Prayer Ministry Inspired by GAC’s Missions
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Ben Eberhart ‘17 Establishes Global Prayer Ministry Inspired by GAC’s Missions
Ben Eberhart, GAC Class of 2017, has embarked on a remarkable journey of faith and service. Ben is the vice president of Kaula Tree Ministries, a global prayer ministry with a mission to strengthen, encourage, and comfort individuals worldwide. Ben and his colleague Stanton Sunaoka established Kaula Tree in 2023.
Eberhart's journey began with a vision trip to the Middle East in the summer of 2021, where he spent three months immersed in the region's culture and communities.The trip sparked a passion for ministry that would soon blossom into Kaula Tree.
Drawing from their experiences abroad, Eberhart and Sunaoka initiated prayer meetings in their home in Hawai'i, where Eberhart had relocated after graduating from Georgia Tech. As their local ministry flourished, opportunities for domestic and international outreach arose, leading to the formal establishment of Kaula Tree as a 501c3 nonprofit in 2023.
Between 2021 and 2023, Eberhart and the Kaula Tree team embarked on missions to countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, South Africa, and Malawi. The ministry's reach has since expanded to encompass regions across the globe, including upcoming trips to Japan, Europe, Africa, and Canada.
Reflecting on his time at GAC, Eberhart credits the school for instilling in him a passion for service and missions.
"GAC has had a huge impact on how I have arrived at this place in life. My background at GAC and the things that I had the privilege to experience there, shaped my view of the world and affirmed my call to serve the Body of Christ," he said. "Through the missions trips and experiences at GAC I was able to see how rewarding a lifestyle of service can be! I can look back at my time at GAC and see all the ways that the Lord used people like Coachy (Kristy Shelton, Mr. Derek Wilson, Mr. Clif Jones, and more in my life."
"I would love to be able to inspire current students or alumni into taking a leap of faith and following the Lord's leading even when it may seem unconventional," Eberhart expressed. "Many people have a heart for missions and are seeking ways to serve. You never know where one small step of faith can take you."
Eberhart hopes to inspire current students and alumni to embrace the call to service and follow their faith, even when it leads down unconventional paths. He also aims to offer opportunities for others to learn about Kaula Tree Ministries and its mission. To learn more about Kaula Tree Ministries, visit their website.
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