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Player to Watch: GAC Senior and Track Athlete Chloe Fair
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Player to Watch: GAC Senior and Track Athlete Chloe Fair

As a state champion and Harvard commit, GAC Senior Chloe Fair consistently proves that she’s a force of strength, talent, and perseverance. And one to watch and beat this upcoming track season. 

Originally from Atlanta, Fair is the middle child of four and has attended Greater Atlanta Christian School since K4, crediting much of her success to the community and coaching at the school. 

“Through GAC I have met some amazing coaches who have had a major impact on my journey to college athletics. I attribute a lot of my success to the Jones family. Jasmine Jones has been a friend of mine since K4. She and Jada have been really supportive teammates and great friends,” said Fair. 

Their father, Coach Jones, has also been incredibly instrumental to her success as an athlete. He taught her how to hurdle and motivated her in every practice to get better. 

Fair began her running career in 8th grade after encouragement from GAC coaches.

“The people at GAC are the main reason I’m so happy here. Coach Parks influenced me a lot.  He persistently asked me to run track every year in middle school and tremendously helped me my sophomore season when I wanted to give up," said Fair. "GAC is full of incredible teachers and coaches that have had such a positive influence on my life.”

Previously she was a competitive gymnast for 8 years. After her freshman season, she started running for ATL Zoom Athletics for further training. 

“I’ve always been naturally fast and found that running genuinely brought me joy. I went specifically into short sprints because I loved being able to push myself to run faster and faster,” said Fair. 

Fair runs the 400, 300 hurdles (during school season), 400 hurdles (in club), long jump, and both the 4x100 and 4x400 relays. After an extremely successful junior year, Chloe’s determination to succeed in running was only amplified. 

Last year Chloe won all four of her 3A State Championship races and placed third in long jump. One event (300 hurdles) she beat by 0.01 seconds, which speaks to her determination to push herself to be her very best.

She then went on to run at the Meet of Champions (the All State Championship) and won the 400 hurdles at a personal and school record time. She also got the 800 school record, an event she was running just for fun.

Alongside her coaches, she thanks God for giving her the strength in her running career. 

“I’ve always known that everything I accomplish is for Him. I think believing in a God that gives us a bigger purpose in life has helped me to always see the bigger picture and my ultimate purpose as an athlete, which is more than just winning the race in front of me,” said Fair. 

Not only is Fair a remarkable athlete, but she is an incredible student with a bright future ahead of her at Harvard. As she heads off to college next year, she plans to study Environmental Engineering. 

“I want to solve the problems that are leading to climate change because I believe that the longer we wait to solve the negative impact we have on the environment, the more devastating that impact will be,” said Fair. 

She also has high expectations and dreams for her athletic career as she hopes to make it to the NCAA Championship and eventually run for the 2024 Olympic Trials. 

With her work ethic and determination, anything is possible for this brilliant, young athlete.  

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