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Chris Hinton is Super 6
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Chris Hinton is Super 6

Gwinnett Daily Post

GAC's Christopher Hinton is a 2019 five-star defensive line recruit and a Gwinnett Daily Post Super Six selection. “Christopher is an unbelievable young man. He’s obviously gifted and a national recruit, but he’s even better as a person. He’s very mature, motivated, selfless but he also pours into his teammates, and he has a really bright future beyond the football field as well." 

High-level athletics runs in Christopher Hinton’s family. He’s the son of eight-time NFL All-Pro offensive lineman Chris Hinton. His mother is a former Northwestern women’s basketball standout, Mya Whitmore Hinton. His brother, Myles, is the No. 1-ranked recruit in Georgia in the class of 2020. Christopher Hinton is a 2019 five-star defensive line recruit from Greater Atlanta Christian School and a Gwinnett Daily Post Super Six selection.

Hinton’s father doesn’t brag much about his NFL career, but his numbers speak for themselves. The elder Chris Hinton spent 12 seasons in the NFL, including four with the Atlanta Falcons, and played more in 177 games with 172 starts.

 “He doesn’t talk about it a lot. But from what I’ve heard, he was pretty darn good,” the younger Hinton said.

While good might be an understatement, Hinton’s parents have instilled the value of letting hard work and performance speak in place of words.

“I know that my dad was one of the best, but he doesn’t like to talk about what he’s done,” Hinton said. “He’s taught me to let your actions speak louder than words. You don’t have to go around telling people that you’re this and that. Your words only mean so much.”

The Hinton household is an athletic one, but not necessarily competitive. Brothers Chris and Myles don’t compare each other’s accomplishments, nor do they feel pressure to measure up to their father’s long NFL career.

“It’s competitive, but it’s a healthy competition,” Hinton said. “We don’t get jealous of each other. We’re all excited for each other’s accomplishments. My dad is excited when Miles or I do something well. I’m excited when Miles does something well.”

Hinton’s junior season was a special one for his family, which got to watch the brothers play alongside each other for the first time. “It was really cool going through that experience with my little brother,” Hinton said. “Last year was even better because I got to play side-by-side. My sophomore year he kind of came in for me at left tackle. Last year I was left guard, he was left tackle. It meant more.”

Hinton is also a basketball standout for GAC, and plans to return to defend the Spartans’ Class AAA state championship for his senior season. Hinton said GAC’s team was extremely close last season, so he didn’t want to sacrifice playing basketball over football.

Hinton describes his on-field demeanor as outgoing compared to his brother. If he was the bragging type, Hinton would have plenty to brag about. He plays regularly on both sides of the ball for GAC. He’s the left offensive tackle and defensive end. While the two positions share the common necessity of raw strength, Hinton balances between attack mode and calculated precision when going between defensive and offensive line.

“Defense is more on the attack,” he said. “On offense when you’re pass setting, you can’t be too aggressive or the defense will use that against you. On defense, in my opinion, you’re just more attacking the man in front of you and making him react to you. I feel like I’m in more control.”

That feeling of control makes him a hellacious assignment for whoever has to guard him in the trenches. It also made him a top college football prospect. Hinton decided to commit to the University of Michigan before his junior season.

Michigan was one of the first schools to offer Hinton a scholarship, and while that was exciting to him as a young player, he took his time when deciding between Michigan and another favorite, Georgia.

“When I got the first offer, I was obviously really excited,” Hinton said. “My parents just told me just relax. God willing, you have a little time to get more offers. WIth God’s blessing I got more offers. I just took my time, evaluated each school. Michigan offered the best academics and athletics and gave me the best opportunity in that aspect.”

Georgia’s 2019 class is not only stacked with talent, but well-connected. The state’s top prospects are in constant communication on group chats. Now that they are all seniors, the class of 2019 is starting to go its separate ways. One of Hinton’s good friends, Grayson standout Owen Pappoe, took the Southeastern Conference route to Auburn earlier this summer. But Hinton still plans to stay connected to his high school friends ever when he heads to Michigan.

Potentially, Hinton and some of his Georgia class of 2019 comrades could lineup across from each other in the college ranks. “Freshman year we were all really feeling Georgia,” Hinton said. “We respect Coach Smart and what he’s doing, but we all decided to choose different paths. We always said, if we all had to go to Georgia, we would be the best team.”

GAC will try to return to the Class AAA semifinals, still bitter from the semifinals loss to Peach County. The Hinton brothers will protect either Josh Rose or Jackson Hardy at quarterback. With a handful of offensive weapons returning, GAC’s future in 2018 looks bright.

“We still have two or three other really good backs,” Hinton said. “Those three guys combined, we’re not going to take a step back. We lost a good bit on the offensive line, but our coaching staff does a really good job developing players. I have no doubt in my mind that when the time comes, the youth is going to step up.”

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