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GAC is a great school.

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Cultivating Community
Cultivating Community

Greater Atlanta Christian School fosters meaningful connections and a sense of community between students, teachers, and parents, ensuring GAC is a vibrant environment where academic and emotional intellect are built in partnership with one another. Not only are relationships a priority in the teaching and learning process for students, but as a community we prioritize building community through our parents and grandparents as well.

Each year there are a plethora of events for the whole family to be involved in such as Spartan Together, GAC 101, GAC Women Together in Christ, Mom’s Bible Study, Dad’s Bible Study, Mother/Son Sneaker Ball, Daddy/Daughter Tea, Grandparents’ Day, YoungLife, and so much more. As a school community we remain dedicated to fostering genuine relationships, and we invite each and every member of our GAC family to be actively involved in these unique moments that make GAC the remarkable community it is.

YoungLife at GAC

YoungLife is a Christian ministry that reaches out to middle school, high school, and college students in all 50 of the United States and more than 100 countries around the world. Their mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Each week at YoungLife club, students sing songs together, play mixer games to get everyone involved, and at the end of their time together they talk about the life of Jesus as friends. Lexi Sells, GAC’s YoungLife leader, expressed, “YoungLife club is made for every friend that walks in the door, and I think that it reflects the true nature of Jesus as we figure out who He is together through the avenues of genuine friendship.”

As YoungLife at GAC continues to grow, the light of friendship and faith continues to shine brightly in the hearts of our students, and we look forward to the many more enriching experiences it will bring.


GAC Women Together in Christ

On September 30, the GAC Parent Association (GPA) partnered with GAC’s Moms Bible Study to host the 2nd annual GAC Women Together in Christ Event. This was one of the many events coordinated throughout the year geared towards cultivating community between the parents at GAC.

The GPA Board and Mom’s Bible Study leadership team expressed, “Jesus presents himself throughout our lives, and as women we often miss the opportunity to connect with Him and others because of daily demands. One way to facilitate spiritual growth, interconnectedness, and a sense of community is to schedule time with God and with each other. It is our calling as Christians, it is our calling as mothers, and it is our calling as part of each other’s support network.

While opportunities to connect can come in many forms, the GPA is placing a special emphasis on meaningful and mutually enriching experiences that bring us closer as a community. The Women Together in Christ event, held each year, is one way we seek to further strengthen our ties to the women in our faith and academic community. This event reminds us that Jesus is a constant for us in our humanity, and we will be a constant for the women in our community. Through our time together, we are gifted with a spirit of renewal to carry with us and back to our families.”