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Football, Strangers, & Gratitude
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Football, Strangers, & Gratitude

This week an unusual email with a video link was sent to Greater Atlanta Christian School’s Athletic Director and Football Coach, Tim Hardy. Standard protocol is to delete an email from an unknown sender and never click on an included link. But something prompted Coach Hardy to investigate more.  

He’s glad he opened the link. The video contained messages from a high school coach, team athletes, and chaplain from Modesto, California. Its message was clear and poignant, especially in 2020:  be grateful for what you have because you never know when it will be taken away.

The back story is Big Valley Christian School in Modesto, CA football’s season was canceled due to Covid-19. Instead of “calling it quits,” they decided to use their energies to encourage other football teams across the country who are active in a season.  

“Our coaches and players were blown away. This is a really cool example of a coach living out his faith in a powerful and purposeful way,” shared Coach Hardy. The GAC Spartans quickly responded with their own video thanking the team. And, a powerful message was exchanged.

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