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Friends Turned Entrepreneurs, Parker Bryant '16 and Joshua Pickens '16, Revolutionize Real Estate with Housewell
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Friends Turned Entrepreneurs, Parker Bryant '16 and Joshua Pickens '16, Revolutionize Real Estate with Housewell

In a bid to overhaul the antiquated and often convoluted process of buying and selling homes, GAC alums Parker Bryant '16 and Joshua Pickens '16 have launched Housewell, an online platform that aims to revolutionize the real estate industry.

Bryant and Pickens first remember meeting on the way to the 6th grade trip to Chattanooga where they roomed together. They remained friends through middle and high school. After graduating from GAC, Bryant graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computer Science, Info/Internetworks, and Modeling/Simulation. Pickens graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Real Estate.

The inspiration behind Housewell stemmed from Bryant and Pickens' personal experiences navigating the complexities of purchasing a home. Frustrated by fees and outdated technology, the duo recognized a glaring need for change in the real estate landscape.

“The start-up world is a competitive space. While Parker and I consistently face adversity, we take the lessons taught early on by GAC faculty to think big and always continue innovating,” said Pickens.

Housewell is a high tech real estate brokerage offering affordability, transparency and efficiency to its users. Currently, Housewell gives buyers 1.5% of the purchase price back as a rebate for working with Housewell and sellers can sell their house for a flat fee of $2,999 instead of the standard 6%. 

Describing Housewell as the "Turbo Tax for real estate," Bryant and Pickens focused on creating a user-friendly platform equipped with tools to streamline transactions. Key features include listing properties on multiple platforms, facilitating rapid, legally binding offers, and providing support from licensed agents seven days a week. Additionally, Housewell offers integrated mortgage services, enabling buyers to apply for a mortgage in just five minutes and receive significant closing cost assistance.

"We've created a system of tools that gives power to buyers and sellers to transact real estate easily and efficiently. You still get a price analysis, you still get an open house, you still get someone you can call if you need, you just happen to also be saving over $10,000," Bryant emphasized.

Bryant and Pickens used their educational foundation at GAC to become entrepreneurs with a heart to help people save money and find their dream homes. Pickens credits Head Football Coach Tim Hardy and Director of School Life Shane Woodward for instilling a “go through the narrow gate (Matthew 7:13)” mentality in him. 

Reflecting on his GAC experience, Bryant expressed gratitude for the school's role in shaping his character. “To say GAC made me who I am is an understatement. My old teachers will tell you, I was a bit of a back-talker in my day. The faculty encourages students to think critically and question their assumptions about the world. Whether that’s a debate about macroeconomics and public policy in class with Mike Glenn, or a deep theological conversation with Derek Wilson, GAC teachers welcome open dialogue and debate and I think that’s the foundation of good education.”

Learn more about Housewell by visiting their website and following them on Instagram.


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