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Gabriel Uribe and Lizzie Joiner are named “20 Under 20” by Atlanta INtown and Reporter Newspapers
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Gabriel Uribe and Lizzie Joiner are named “20 Under 20” by Atlanta INtown and Reporter Newspapers

As we enter into the new year, we are thrilled to announce that GAC Seniors, Gabriel Uribe and Lizzie Joiner, have been named "20 Under 20" in Atlanta INtown and Reporter Newspapers, respectively. Both publications annually recognize youth in the area who make a difference in the community through volunteerism and philanthropy.

Gabriel has served over 176 hours volunteering at school with his Spanish international church and missionary organizations. In Ohio, Atlanta, Tijuana and Guatemala, he has worked with homeless organizations. In Guatemala, he has served with a ministry called Casa For Cristo, building houses for the people of San Raymundo. He has also been recognized for his acting talent in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” being named All-Star Cast and Best Leading Actor at the Georgia Theatre Conference and Regional One Act Competitions. 

“For me, serving and volunteering helps me reflect Christ more, makes my heart whole, and fills me with life, joy, light, and happiness. And, that’s what I strive to give to others when volunteering,” said Gabriel.

Lizzie works to help disadvantaged people both in Atlanta and abroad. She teaches Vacation Bible School, has assisted in New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s community services initiatives, and helped distribute more than 5,000 shoes through a back-to-school drive. She also helped create more than 50,000 meals for families in Kenya. This fall, Lizzie and a fellow student created a campaign to collect donations of necessities such as canned goods for victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

“Viewing everyone as equal, volunteering becomes an act that improves the lives of those who may be in need,” Lizzie said. “True volunteers do not help because others have less; they volunteer so that everyone can obtain exactly what they need to survive and thrive. I have learned that a true volunteer serves best when combined with deep respect, encouragement, and motivation. That is what I strive to offer each time I volunteer."

GAC provides numerous opportunities to fuel each student's purpose through missions and service projects, and we are proud to see when our students thrive in this area. Congratulations to both of these seniors for their hard work and commitment to improving lives.

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