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GAC is a great school.

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GAC Theatre Gains Judges' Favor with Multiple Shuler Nominations
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GAC Theatre Gains Judges' Favor with Multiple Shuler Nominations

Congratulations to the entire cast of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and Director Kristy Winkes for three Shuler Award Nominations in the following categories: ⁠⠀
Overall Production
Direction - Kristy Winkes⁠⠀
Lighting Design - Kristy Winkes and J.D. Cooper⁠⠀

And Honorable Mentions for:
Scenic Design - Garner Harsh
Choreography - Jasmine Jones
Best Ensemble
Leading Actor - Gabriel Uribe
Costumes - Cindy Patrick & Kristy Winkes
Musical Direction - Kristy Winkes
Orchestra - Donnell Francis

The recipients are recognized as the best of the state’s high school musical theatre students and schools. Winners will be announced in May. This is ⁠Ms. Kristy Winkes third nomination, and she won the award in 2019 for Best Director.  "It is truly an honor, being nominated for Best Director.  The judging is tough and there are many talented directors in the state of Georgia, but the nomination for Overall Production that was achieved by our team is truly the epitome of success.  The teamwork it takes, the commitment of so many people, the talent, the encouragement, the love of theater and each other is reflected in that Overall Production nomination because it took all of us," she shared.

The Shuler Awards carry the tradition of the Tony Awards for High School Drama, with all the glitz and glamor.  This year's virtual ceremony in May will still capture the emotion, albeit with the nominees surrounded only by their "safe at home" families. But, that's "show biz" and as we have all seen during this pandemic, there are new ways to assure the "show must go on."  

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