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GAC is a great school.

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GAC Hosts College Admissions Event
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GAC Hosts College Admissions Event

GAC hosted 2,000 students and parents on Sunday from independent schools across metro Atlanta, as well as admissions representatives from 85 colleges and universities nationwide, for the 2020 Atlanta Invitational Case Studies Program (AICS). This was a unique opportunity to meet with college admissions officers to learn first-hand how they make decisions.

Participants were guided by admissions professionals in small committees to decide which “sample” applicants should be admitted to the “sample” university. It is rare to get such a valuable glimpse into a process that often seems a mystery, from the very people who make the decisions.

Immediately after the case studies session, AICS hosted a private college fair in the Long Forum, where participants had the opportunity to speak directly to college representatives themselves.

Parents attend an expert panel discussion about how to help your student navigate the college application process.

Here is some advice heard on Sunday from the panel:

  • Make college visits fun! Enjoy the process together with your children.
  • A parent’s role should be that of a coach; the student’s role is that of the player. He/she should be making the plays on the field. 
  • Don’t discuss college constantly. It really ramps up the pressure that kids feel.
  • Be realistic about where your child is developmentally. For sophomores, stopping in a few college towns just to have lunch may be enough.
  • Keep a spreadsheet with your notes.
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